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First Gun Grab Bills For 2019 Announced


The elections have not even taken place and Oregon Democrats are already announcing their plans to attack gun rights.

OFF  has obtained audio of House Rep Brad Witt, (D district 31) discussing his plans to ban the purchase or possession of common firearms and magazines for adults aged 18-20.

Witt is claiming he has “bi-partisan” support for this new attack on rights.

18 to 20 year olds can drive cars, hunt, serve and die in the military, and vote. Witt believes that people who are old enough to help elect him cannot be trusted with firearms.

There is no rational reason for this kind of legislation, it is nothing more than a pointless knee jerk reaction to a single event.

Steven Paddock, the murderer in the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay murders, was 64. By Witt’s twisted logic we should not allow anyone under 65 to own or purchase guns.

It would make far more sense for Witt to prohibit young adults from driving than take away firearms they may have owned for years.

Anyone who has ever participated in a hunter safety program has seen countless young adults safely and competently handling firearms. Now Witt wants to make them all criminals.

If Witt has his way, we will see young men and women who are issued fully automatic weapons in the military be prohibited from possessing common firearms in their own homes.

This is just one more nail in the coffin of gun rights in Oregon.

Please contact Witt today and express your outrage with his efforts to steal the rights and property of Oregonians whose only crime was not being born earlier.

You can take action here.

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