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Firearms Protection Ballot Measure Petition Sheets Available


A ballot measure to protect common firearms from new and restrictive regulations has been filed and we need your help to get it on the ballot.

We will need 1000 signatures to get a “ballot title”. That is the first step. Then, after the expected court challenges we’ll need a lot more signatures to actually get it on the ballot.

To start, here is the website for the measure

Here is the link to read the language of the measures and download a petition you can sign with instructions on how to print it and where to send it. PLEASE read the instructions and follow them. If you don’t, your signature won’t count.

Here is a link for FAQ’s about the measure .

There has been an enormous amount of misinformation floating around the web about this measure. People believe it creates new restrictions on NFA firearms and things like “bumpstocks.” It does not. We strongly urge you to read the FAQs so you have accurate info.

Some folks are claiming this is some kind of “Trojan Horse” and or is a scam to collect data on gun owners. Others are saying OFF has “sold out” because the measure does not include machine guns in the definition of “common firearms.”  But the fact is the measure was carefully written to survive not only judicial scrutiny, but the inevitable lies and misinformation that the media and the anti-gunners will create to oppose it.

A lot of work went into crafting a measure that not only would withstand the coming attacks, but would also get a good ballot title and have a good chance of passing.

We hear from gun owners every day who ask “What can I do?” Well folks, this is what you can do.

Please download and sign the petition and encourage others to do the same, then send them in as soon as possible.

Please send your signed TWO SIDED petition to:

Common Firearms
2570 Greenwood Road S.
Independence, OR 97351

The sooner we have the required number of signatures the sooner we can move on to the next phase. It’s up to you now.