2006 Primary Candidate Grades

2006 Candidate Grades

Oregon Firearms Federation Political Action Committee has graded the candidates for the Oregon Legislature. (For information on Federal races, please go here. This is Gun Owners’ Of America’s candidate rating.)

In order to give gun owners the greatest possible amount of information on candidates, OFFPAC is making available, on our website, statements from candidates describing their position on gun rights. Statement posting is available to any candidate who has filed. Contact information for all candidates is available here.

Candidates, if you wish to have your statement posted, please send it to us by e-mail.

Candidate Statements:

Mary Starrett, Governor, Constitution Party

James Leuenberger Judicial District 4, Position 28

Dean Wolf, US Congress, Distirct 1, Constitution Party.

Dave Brownlow, US Congress, District 3, Constitution Party

Robert Taylor, House District 1, Libertarian

Wes Wagner, House District 39, Libertarian

You can download our candidate grades here.

The candidate’s grades were derived from several sources. Our candidate survey was an important factor, but not all candidates will go on the record. So, whenever we had experience with a candidate, their history and record was used to derive their grades. (You should know that the Republican leadership has advised candidates NOT to answer our survey.)

As you know, because of your efforts, virtually no anti-gun bills have been voted on in both houses for several years. As a result, there are incumbent legislators who have never been forced to take a stand on gun rights. Grading candidates who have no record and refuse to respond to our survey is difficult. In cases where we simply have no information on a candidate, that candidate received a “0.” (Please note, at the time we first posted this page, we rated Ron Saxton as a “0” because he had no voting history and refused to answer our survey. Since that time we have received additional information that makes Saxton’s candidacy even more troubling.)

Furthermore, candidates who have come down on both sides of the issue got a “0” as well.

Double pluses (++) were given to candidates who are solidly pro-gun. Single pluses (+) were given to candidates who leaned pro-gun. Single and double minuses (-) (- -) were given to candidates who leaned anti-gun or were committed to an anti-gun agenda.

We also contacted the three candidates for Supreme Court.

Judges in Oregon, as elsewhere, have far more power than they were ever intended to acquire. That is a dangerous thing.

The three candidates for this position were: Gene Hallman, Virginia Linder and Jack Roberts.

You can learn more about each of these candidates by viewing their websites.

Hallman *Please note, Gene Hallman uted to anti-gun Ballot Measure 5. He received the fewest votes in the primary and is now out of the race. The run off in the general election will be between Roberts and Linder.

Linder is supported by some of the most vocal and militant gun haters the state has ever known, including Senator Kate Brown, Neil Bryant and John Kitzhaber.

Although none of the candidates would respond to our questions about their stands on gun rights, when Jack Roberts ran for governor, he made an effort to reach out to gun owners.

We cannot endorse a candidate that won’t make their positions known, but we believe that Roberts is less of a danger to gun rights than Linder would be.