2006 Primary – Wes Wagner, House District 39, Libertarian

It is my solemn belief that all people have a responsibility to provide for their own defense.

Likewise I encourage participants in communities to voluntarily coordinate with each other to provide a stronger common defense. It is a simple premise that people who are dependent upon their government for their own security and protection will find themselves under constant threat and coercion by said government.

In that regard, there should be no limitations on the rights of free people to acquire and utilize any and all armaments necessary to secure their proper defense. There is no more certain check on unrelenting authoritarian power than a public that has the capacity to resist it. A government that has no legitimate fear of civil unrest shall surely come to abuse its power and the people. In that regard, most all “gun control” legislation is really a guised attempt to increase our dependency upon government.

Over two centuries ago, Thomas Paine warned us of the corruptive and influential power of the State, and unfortunately not enough of us listened. Today the issues faced by the Oregon Firearms Federation are but one symptom of a larger problem. So long as people continue to vote for Statists, we shall never know freedom or liberty.

Please support our efforts to elect a real candidate for freedom and the American value of liberty in Oregon House District #39. Elect an individual who will not cave in to partisan pressure for more gun control. Elect a real leader who knows the second amendment is an individual right to bear any and all arms regardless of type or caliber, and not a collective right as the Statists will try to argue.
Wes Wagner
Candidate for HD #39