2006 Primary – Dave Brownlow, US Congress, District 3, Constitution Party

The 2nd Amendment does not bestow some special new right to us.  It merely affirms our inalienable right to self defense and guarantees access to the means with which to exercise it.

Therefore, any ban based on gun style, size, caliber, rate of fire, magazine capacity, etc. are in direct conflict with the Constitution and should be immediately repealed.

The “right of the people to keep and bear arms,” (notice it doesn’t limit it to guns) concealed or otherwise, should be a protected right in all 50 states – without a license.

The second amendment should be reinstated aboard airplanes to ensure that all passengers are afforded the basic right of self defense while traveling.

Any laws that ban the bearing of arms on school property, or in any other government buildings are unconstitutional and should be repealed.

Only a government-educated lawyer could read the words “the right of the people,” and conclude that the rights guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment are limited to “the people” in the National Guard or the Army.