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Dumpster Fire In A Wind Storm

Dumpster Fire In A Wind Storm


We are fast approaching the 2022 Legislative Session. It promises to be another catastrophic lurch to the left making Oregonians less safe and with even fewer rights.

This year’s downward slide begins this week with “legislative days” where politicians discuss pending legislation in committee, though no votes will be taken until the session officially starts on February 1.

Once again, the legislature will be operating behind the screen of “virtual meetings.” You, the employer of the legislators, will not be allowed to attend hearings or floor sessions. While the politicians will continue to parrot the nonsense that you can still participate from the comfort and safety of your home, the reality is quite different.

As we have seen time and again, the technology being used fails regularly. It’s not uncommon for the feed to drop out at critical moments in hearings and debates on the floor.  And while the politicians tell the public that they can always testify remotely, the fact is that they have made the process of tracking the progress of bills and actually figuring out how to testify cumbersome, confusing and frustrating.

Furthermore, it seems that the people opposing the favored bills of the left encounter “technical difficulties” far more often than the toadies in favor. Funny how that happens.

But beyond the obvious issues of failed and abused technology, the truth is the people have a far smaller voice when they can only communicate alone from afar than when they can meet in the rooms with their elected representatives together.

Oregon’s politicians, from the state house to the school boards, have learned how easy life can be when the “people” are locked out of the process. Don’t look for this to change any time soon.

You can rest assured that with every new abuse and usurpation of power, Oregon will be faced with a new and more deadly covid “variant” that will keep the politicians safely isolated from you, the great unwashed.

While we have not seen much of the legislation proposed for the 2022 short session, we have seen enough to know that the Democrats will be focusing on doing all they can to protect violent criminals while eliminating your right to defend yourself and incarcerating you if you do.

House Rep Marty Wilde has announced his intentions to introduce legislation to strip what few rights Oregonians have to self defense.

In an email promoting his plans where he appears wearing military fatigues, Wilde says:

“Unfortunately, our criminal law continues to promote the illusions of the Wild West, encouraging vigilantism by presuming that if the killer claims self-defense, the victim of a killing must have posed a serious threat.”

This, of course, is complete nonsense. Oregon laws do no such thing. And while Oregon law does not require you to run away from an attacker, as is the case in some other states, Oregon courts have not been particularly friendly to people who have defended themselves from leftist mobs, even when not a single shot was fired.

Make no mistake, the Marxists in the Oregon legislature are working overtime to assure that the goon squads who have free reign on our streets never have to face an armed Oregonian defending himself and others.

This theme started in earnest in the last session and all indications are it will be a main focus this session.

As you know, Tina Kotek, Oregon’s most prolific purveyor of chaos, has stepped down as Speaker of the House to concentrate on her race for Governor. In doing so she pointed to Oregon’s homeless crisis, skyrocketing street violence, and failed covid response as examples of “progressive victories” in her term as the longest serving Marxist speaker.

This bizarre disconnect from reality will certainly be repeated by whatever extremist replaces her.

Christine Drazan has resigned from her role as House Republican Leader, ending the most calamitous  session of any Republican Leader.

Drazan sold away the rights of her constituents, and all Oregonians, for a few dollars and led her cowardly caucus to do the same. Now in her own bizarre run for Governor she is actually claiming she “stood up” to the Democrats, when, in fact, she caved at every opportunity.

She has been replaced by Vicki Breeze Iverson who so far has shown no signs of a change of course. 

When the House meets in February they will have to vote on their own rules for the session.

Last session the House Republicans tacitly agreed to a rule that prohibited them from walking out and protecting their constituents. In exchange they got the chance to sell out Oregonians, pass new gun control laws and neuter the police.  They also got  two million bucks apiece.

The first chance we will get to see if Iverson will be any different will be when the House, once again, adopts rules for the coming session.

If, as we expect, they include a prohibition on a walk out, and the Republicans don’t walk out on THAT vote, it will be clear that they are already in the tank for whatever twisted policies the Democrats plan to push.

The makeup of the legislature is in flux with two Democrat Senate seats currently vacant, including Betsy Johnson’s.  Johnson, who is running for Governor as an independent, was a reliable pro-gun vote. The ONLY Democrat pro-gun vote. She will certainly be replaced by someone far to the left of her.

Kotek’s empty Speaker seat WILL be filled by an extreme leftist.  Senate President Peter Courtney will not seek another term. Courtney was never a friend to those who sought to protect freedom, but we can tell you without any hesitation that he will be replaced by someone far, far worse. As bad has he was, the militant wing of his caucus has always considered him too moderate and are eager to replace him with an extremist.

The failed Republican Senate Leader, Fred Girod, has been replaced by the duplicitous and cowardly Tim Knopp, who stayed behind to help the Democrats in a previous session when the Republicans won by walking out.

We’re not going to sugar coat it.  We are in for a very, very, dangerous session.  Once again, the Republicans have the power to control the agenda and protect what little is left of your rights… if they choose to.

In the last session they claimed they could do nothing because they were in the minority.  But now that Drazan is running for Governor, she is boasting about how successful the walk out from the previous session was. It is hard to grasp this level of deceitfulness, but that’s what we are facing.

We fully expect the Republicans to once again deflect any responsibility and insist that you should be complaining to the Democrats. That is a fool’s errand. It’s pretty hard to concentrate on attacking the enemy when your own people are throwing grenades in your tent.

We will continue to hold the Republicans accountable for their actions and inactions. And we will continue to do what we can to assist those who are seeking to represent you on a more local level. Let’s face it, it was school boards and city councils where this cancer started.

Thanks for your commitment in the face of overwhelming odds. And buckle your seat belts, Oregon is about to become a much more dangerous place.