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The Busybodies of Corvallis


Undaunted by the Corvallis City Council’s sub committee decision to not enforce a meaningless ban on firearms, the tiny band of anti-rights extremists there soldier on.

Using their usual tactics of spreading lies and propaganda, they have been working, what they thought was, “behind the scenes”.

Sorry girls, not quite.

Let’s peer into their little busybody minds.

Here are some telling quotes: (Note many of these links were on the website of the Corvallis City Council and have been removed.)

 “The OFF website is creepy...”


Leah, I would be careful about how much details you share with Jim Day, the GT reporter.My Ward 7 current counciler Bruce Sorte, was very supportive and shared details on strategy.  One important thing he stressed was to not provide a lot of details about our plans, as Jim Day will published them immediately in the GT and we will get hassled from the OFF/ Oregon Firearms Federation people.  Also the businesses owners may be hassled, too.  During the August to December the OFF members were threatening the people involved here.


I got the feeling that Biff and Hal (Corvallis City Council members) both really liked the idea of getting the stickers on doors of businesses (or what they are calling the “open market” strategy), but they couldn’t recommend that as a course of action for the city council, because we are an ad hoc group of citizens.


So, who are these folks who are desperately trying to create a false narrative of gun owners in general and OFF members in particular? And why are they so determined to keep their plans a secret?


The main players are LoErna Simpson and Leah Bolger.

Bolger has quite the footprint on the world of far left activism. You can see her Twitter feed here.

Here she showboats in Congress demanding that the “rich” be taxed to end war.

She is “committed to ending war through non violent means.”As cool as we think ending war and stuff (through non violent means of course) is, her focus on ending your rights to protect yourself and your family, while she crafts her utopian paradise, is a bit misguided.

Lo Erna Simpson is the person who thinks OFF ‘s “website” is “creepy” although she clearly is confusing our website with our Facebook page, where anyone can post a comment. We can’t wait to see what she thinks of our Twitter feed.Bless her heart, she is determined to wipe out “gun violence” As are we.

But while we choose to empower people to stand up to violence, LoErna  thinks “Adults should discuss with children and youth in their home and their community why gun violence is harmful.”

 Apparently Methodists don’t know why gun violence is harmful.

It’s quite clear that the little band of fear mongers in Corvallis have no intention of giving up, no matter how pointless their efforts. There will always be some sad, neurotics who are convinced that only they know what’s best for everyone.

Let’s be sure to remind them that no matter how old they are, the rest of us are adults and quite capable of making our own decisions.