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Bump Stocks And Ballot Measures.


We will soon have a determination from the Secretary of State on the validity of the signatures turned in for  gun confiscation ballot Measure 43.

If enough signatures are approved, the measure is sent to the Attorney General to create a proposed “ballot title.”

Attorney General Rosenblum is a militant anti-gunner so you can bet the proposed title will paint this hate driven ballot measure in the best possible light.

After she creates the title, the public will have a ten day opportunity to comment on the language of the title.

After that, the  Attorney General reviews the public’s comments and issues a “certified” ballot title. At that point anyone who submitted comments has standing to appeal the title to the Oregon Supreme Court.

We will, of course, keep you informed of the progress of this measure.

While that’s happening we also wanted to share with you the Trump administration’s plans to declare that “bump stocks” and similar devices are actually “machine guns.”  You will have to read the language of the proposed rule to see just how tortured their reasoning is and how badly they have mangled the meanings of simple English words. There are already numerous localities that have outlawed these devices and many thousands of people risk becoming felons overnight if the Trump rule is adopted.


As you know, “bump firing” can be done with items as simple as strings. In fact guns that have NO modifications can be bump fired simply by how you hold the gun.

The proposed rule is open for comments and we encourage you to share yours.

No matter how you feel about things like bump stocks, this proposed rule is extremely over broad and almost certainly unconstitutional. As one OFF supporter said in his comments about the rule:

“The scope of the proposed rule, ATF 2017R-22 “Bump-Stock Type Devices,” far exceeds the applicability of the National Firearms Act of 1934 (NFA) and GCA of 1968 for the principle reason that a firearm fitted with a bump-stock does not in any matter meet the definition of a “machinegun,” as defined by the NFA. The ATF proposal asserts that “such devices allow a shooter of a semiautomatic firearm to initiate a continuous firing cycle with a single pull of the trigger” but this assertion is patently false and a propagandist lie to the American people.”

Finally there are numerous pro-rights rallies being planned for April 21. If you are a Facebook user you can keep up to date by following or joining these two Facebook pages.

The rallies already announced for that date are from 11am to 1 pm at the following locations:

Redmond City Hall, Redmond

Sandy City Hall,  Sandy

State Capitol,   Salem

Municipal Court   411 W 8th St , Medford

405 East 8th Ave, Eugene

Let us know of other events so we can share them with Oregon patriots.

If you want to contribute to the legal battle to stop the gun confiscation ballot measure, you can help us here.