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Bud Pierce. No.

Bud Pierce, things you should know.

Bud Pierce does not think you should be allowed to own black guns.

Apparently that ran in the family. When Pierce’s now deceased wife ran for a local legislative seat, she managed to do the almost impossible. She got an “F” from the NRA.  This was a fact Pierce had some trouble acknowledging but, hey. It’s in writing. (She also got an F from Oregon Firearms Federation after we saw her NRA survey. She refused to complete ours.)

Last time out (as mentioned in this article) Pierce made a comment that women who had less eduction were more “susceptible” to domestic abuse. This was shortly after the New York Times, (that bastion of patriarchy and male dominance ) did a lengthy article making the same point and providing statistics to back it up.

It certainly seems that women with less eduction would have fewer options and fewer opportunities to earn enough money to escape a domestic abuser. (Male or female.) So this does not seem like an outrageous assertion. Nor does it in any way deny that people of all sexes and all economic situations can be victims of domestic violence.  It just seems like a common sense conclusion. Furthermore, it would sound, to any rational person, like a great case to improve the educational outcomes of everybody.

But, after he said it, Kate Brown got her panties in a bunch and accused him of sexism. She also reported that she had been a victim of domestic violence although she never mentioned if her abuser was male of female.

As a result, Pierce immediately groveled, tucked his tail between his legs and apologized for expressing a perfectly reasonable point of view. 

There is no way Pierce will ever stand up to the deep state in Oregon. And he prefer you not be able to either.