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Showing their true colors once again, the anti-gun extremists have introduced a flood of bills designed to attack the law-abiding.

Included are bills severely restricting self defense and requiring you to run from an attacker (good luck if you’re elderly or a mom with a baby in a carriage) bills requiring gun owners to have liability insurance for every firearm they own (with a $10,000.00 fine for every gun not covered) bills to ban licensed carry in the Capitol and bills to greatly restrict access to concealed handgun licenses.There is also a bill requiring background checks (with all the failures that come with it) for private transfers.

Of course virtually all of these bills declare an “emergency” so they can be enacted immediately.

These are the people who say they want “reasonable” gun laws and they “don’t want to take your guns.”

Let’s face it folks, these people are liars.  They have declared war on gun owners and are determined to turn as many of us into criminals as possible. In many cases they don’t even have the courage to put their names on the bills. But we all know who they are.

Gun owners have been flooding the legislature with calls and emails. And it’s working. The chief sponsor of  the absurd HB 3200 has backed off from his arrogant and belligerent comments and is now running from the bill. Another sponsor has claimed he is removing his name from the bill. (We’ll believe it when we see it.) But we must not stop now! They have introduced this tidal wave in hopes of  wearing us down and passing something…anything to attack your rights.

If you are having trouble getting through to a legislator, that’s a good sign. But keep trying. It’s a simple message, NO GUN CONTROL BILLS! NONE!

You can write your legislator even if you don’t know who he is using this link. You can find out who your legislator is using this link.  Your Oregon Senator and House Rep will be the last two people listed on that link.

Please take a moment to make your voice heard loud and clear. The Burdicks , ProzanskisDembrows and Dingfelders have made their positions clear. You are the enemy.  Let them know you are not backing down.

For a list of all gun bills so far, use this link.