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Attorney General Releases “Certified” Ballot Title For Gun Lockdown Measure.


Late Friday afternoon (11.08.19) the Secretary of State released a “certified” ballot title from the Attorney General for Ballot Measure 40, the “ban on self defense act” of 2020.

Under this measure, not only will you be required to render your self defense firearms inaccessible and useless under most circumstances, but you will be punished if any are stolen and you will be responsible for the misuse of stolen guns.

The Attorney General did make some changes to the draft ballot title, some based on our objections. (See pages 3 and 4 of the “certified ballot title.)

You can see the “draft” ballot title here and the “certified” ballot title here.

You can review the complete language of this very dangerous measure here.

While some changes have been made in the “certified” ballot title, it is still very misleading. The average voter will still have no idea how much jeopardy Oregonians will be put in by this measure.

Not only because they will generally not be able to lawfully have a firearm accessible to protect themselves and their families, but because they will be responsible for misuse of firearms stolen from them.

This measure even assumes that if you lawfully transfer a firearm, that the person you sold or gave it to will not remove the required trigger lock for four years.

Oregon voters who submitted timely comments on the draft ballot title are qualified to challenge the “certified” ballot title in court. If you did submit comments you should have received a notification of this from the Secretary of State. Information on filing a challenge is included in the Secretary of State’s notification of the “certified” ballot title.

The deadline for submitting a challenge is Nov 25.

To all of you who took the time to submit comments pointing out how misleading the draft title was, we thank you for your commitment and activism.

Obviously the “certified” title is not much of an improvement.