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Ashland To Hear Anti-Gun Ordinances (Again!)


We have been informed that on Tuesday March 18, the Ashland City Council will (once again) consider adopting Portland style gun restrictions.These pointless regulations are intended only to harass legitimate gun owners and will have no effect on law-breakers.The Council meeting starts at 7PM and will be at the Ashland Civic Center Council Chambers, 1175 E. Main St. If you cannot be at this meeting, consider sending a message to the Ashland City Council.

An excellent article about this assault on gun rights can be seen here.


A sample message follows:



To the Ashland City Council:

I strongly object to any proposed ordinance that creates or expands restrictions on law-abiding gun owners in Ashland. Not only do you risk running afoul of Oregon’s preemption statute and exposing yourself to costly litigation, but you send a message to the most law-abiding segment of our society that they should visit and spend money elsewhere.

I urge you not to consider any new restriction on gun owners.