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Anti-Gun Tidal Wave Rolls On


The recent announcement of plans for a ballot measure to ban modern firearms and feeding devices is just one of many attacks on the Second Amendment underway now.

Retailer Fred Meyer has gone so far as announcing that not only will it stop selling firearms, it will stop selling certain firearm magazines. No, not firearms “feeding devices,” magazines, meaning periodicals, paper with pictures on them!

As if this were not crazy enough,  Oregon’s House Republican leader, Mike McLane, recently stated that he plans to help Democrats raise the minimum age to purchase a firearm to 21.

(No word on if he plans to save countless lives by raising the minimum age to drive.)

But worst of all, now the NRA is openly endorsing what they themselves call “Firearm Surrender Bills.”

It’s sad but true. NRA is now calling for “Extreme Risk Protection Orders” of the type they have opposed across the country.  While saying they need to have strong “due process” components, they ignore that it is the very nature of these laws to deny due process.

This is the last thing we need in the current environment.

If you are an NRA member (or even if you are not) please let the NRA know they do not speak for you when they endorse laws that confiscate firearms from people who have not been convicted of, or even accused of, a crime.

And please use the action alert button to send a message to Mike McLane that you do not support taking away Second Amendment rights from young adults.  Thank you.