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Anti civil rights groups are meeting tonight to launch  a ballot measure to ban modern firearms and feeding devices.

The far left Augustana Lutheran Church will be the location for the kick off.

The church is run by militant anti-gun activist Mark Knutson and describes itself as “a thriving, multicultural, multinational, welcoming and affirming, sanctuary, servant congregation”.

Those of you who remember the ballot measure to ban bear and cougar hunting with dogs, or the ballot measure to outlaw the private sales of firearms at gun shows will recall the shameless lies the anti-gun side told to con ignorant voters into giving up their rights.

Millions in out of state money was spent and there was no end to the misleading visuals on wall-to-wall TV ads. (During the ballot measure to ban private sales of firearms, Senator John McCain cut numerous anti-gun ads while complaining about the effect of out of state money on politics.)

The extremists promoting this confiscation attempt are hoping to capitalize on the wave of anti-rights protests by school children being orchestrated by Bloomberg funded operatives.

As you know, ballot measures are largely won in Multnomah County. Rest assured the anti-gun establishment there (including Bloomberg stooge Sheriff Mike Reese) will throw its weight behind this effort.

The plan is to make Oregon as much like California as possible. The potential of this ballot measure is impossible to calculate. In states with these kinds of bans, there has been massive non compliance but a massive loss of freedom.

It is essential that you inform every gun owner, and every potential gun owner that this dangerous initiative is in the works. Make sure every person you know who believes in freedom is registered to vote and is paying attention.

Voter turnout is essential. We cannot allow Multnomah County to, once again, rob us of our rights.

Please get the word out.  And understand, this is going to be a very expensive battle and our opponents have billionaires in their pockets.

All we have is you. Please consider helping us fund this fight. You can do that here.