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Anti-gun Ballot Measure Explanatory Committee Announced


Today the Secretary of  State announced:

“For each ballot measure to be voted on at the General Election, the explanatory statement committee is responsible for preparing an impartial, simple, and understandable statement explaining the measure, not to exceed 500 words. Upon completion of this task the statement is filed with the Secretary of State Elections Division, so that a public hearing on the statement may be scheduled. If a statement receives comments during the public hearing, the explanatory statement committee must meet to review comments and consider revisions to the statement.”

For ballot measure 17, the gun ban ballot measure, the committee will include Elizabeth McKanna, Margaret Olny, and HK Kahng.

McKenna is one of largest donors and lenders to the measure. (The ACLU also donated $10,000.00)

Olny is a lawyer who regularly works for left wing causes. Kahng’s Linkedin page lists him as “Web developer and infrastructure wiz, eager to create, launch and nurture applications that help build organizations and communities by facilitating collaboration , streamlining processes and sharing knowledge.”

UPDATE 07.20.2022 A 5th “neutral” member of the committee was picked from a list provided by the Secretary of State: Judge Lynn Nakamoto.

The first meeting for the anti-gun ballot measure IP 17 committee is scheduled for this Monday at 2pm.

The legislative website currently has all of the committee’s meetings listed at the following URL:

After the meeting, video of the meeting will be available in the Archive section of the Oregon State legislative website.

According to the Secretary of State: “The committee is not required to take public testimony at each meeting, the Secretary of State’s Office will hold a public comment meeting on Wednesday, August 3, 2022, from 1 – 3 p.m…. Additional information will be publicized when information is available.”

We have been in contact with numerous police departments and Sheriff’s offices. All have agreed that complying with this measure will either be exorbitantly expensive or impossible. None have said they will be offering the “training” required to apply for the permit to purchase that sheriffs and local police will be tasked with administering.

In addition to all the more well known provisions of the measure, most people are unaware that it will ban the new purchase of most shotguns because of the definition of “high capacity magazines.” (Almost all modern tubular fed shotguns are capable of holding more than 10 “mini-shells.”)

Tune in if you can and be prepared to provide comments when that opportunity becomes available.