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And Now It’s “Pistol Braces”

And Now It’s Pistol Braces



As you know, the ATF is now coming after “pistol braces.”

The long and tortured history of these devices has had gun owners continually attempting to determine if they are legal and when.

The ATF’s arbitrary and ever changing guidelines have left Americans baffled about exactly what next could land them in prison.

Most recently, ATF seemed to have agreed that pistol braces do not turn pistols into short barrel rifles and were legal to own. Now however, it appears that is no longer the case. Or it is, or it’s not. No one is sure.

Just as we warned that the reclassification of bump stocks into “machine guns” was a bizarre overreach and only the beginning, we can assure you that outlawing or “regulating” pistol braces will not be the end of the efforts to entrap well meaning gun owners.

Currently it appears that ATF intends to make some pistol braces illegal some of the time on some guns. We can predict with great confidence that the rules will be complex, contradictory, and subject to whim assuring that gun owners will always be in danger of criminal penalties no matter how much they attempt to comply.

When the owners of perfectly legal bump stocks were turned into felons with the stroke of a pen, many in the firearms “community” expressed the opinion that we should cave on the issue. That somehow it was tactically sound to refuse to defend what many felt was a toy or a gimmick, as though that capitulation would satisfy the enemy and they would leave us alone.

Clearly that strategy was misguided at best and preemptory surrender at worst.

Nothing will satisfy the forces that call for total civilian disarmament.

So now it’s “pistol braces,” a device that even the Obama administration agreed was not a regulated NFA item.

ATF has plans to regulate pistol braces, but not in any way that can be understood or complied with.  Once again, the intention is to ensnare as many people as possible or simply get them to throw up their hands, throw down their guns and give up.

If you are not one of those people, there is an opportunity to take action.

While the worst is ahead of us, at least now, today, there is still a way to make your voice heard in opposition to the proposed unintelligible and arbitrary regulations.

You can see what ATF has in mind, and take action to oppose it at this link.

It’s easy and extremely important.  At a time when we have been locked out of the legislative process by the people we elected to represent us, we should take advantage of whatever tools are left to make our voices heard.

Thank you for stepping up.