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Oregon Firearms Federation supporters have received, or soon will receive, a Political Action Committee mailing from us urging them to take advantage of Oregon’s PAC tax credit law to support gun rights at no cost to them. Many will also be receiving a letter asking for donations to the political action committee of a group called “Oregon Gun Owners.”

“Oregon Gun Owners” is not affiliated in any way with OFF. “Oregon Gun Owners” is the organization that helped write HB2535 in 1999. This bill was intended to end private sales at gun shows and require that your firearms be kept locked up. When OFF killed that bill in the 1999 session, “Oregon Gun Owners” attempted to place a measure on the 2000 ballot to achieve similar ends, but failed to collect enough signatures. A similar measure authored by Ginny Burdick made the ballot and was passed into law as Ballot Measure 5.

We have received a copy of the mailing done by “Oregon Gun Owners.”  It was sent to a woman with a CHL whose name appears on no mailing lists for gun owners except the Clackamas County Sheriff’s CHL list. It was mailed to a PO box that she uses for no other purpose except her CHL.

The Clackamas County Sheriff has notified license holders that he will reveal their names if asked.

A recent news story indicated that Portland law firm O’Donnell,Clark & Crew was requesting the names of license holders on behalf of an “unnamed group.”

Apparently they were successful in getting the names of Clackamas County residents. We do not know what other counties may have made this information available. (An associate of O’Donnell and Clark was part of a team of lawyers that represented OFF in a lawsuit several years ago.We do not support their current efforts.)

As you know, some sheriffs are attempting to safeguard the names of license holders in their counties and began their efforts after O’Donnell and Clark made the request for the names.  We will leave it you to connect the dots.

Once again, gun rights supporters should know that  “Oregon Gun Owners” has no connection to OFF in any way. OFF fully supports the efforts of sheriffs to protect the private information of CHL holders in the current climate and warns Clackamas County residents that their information is public knowledge and available to anyone who asks, for any purpose.