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Oregon law is clear. Only the legislature has the power to regulate licensed concealed carry of firearms. But across the state, bureaucrats continue to make up their own rules in direct violation of state law.

Some months ago we were contacted by a teacher in Medford who was abusively threatened by her employers when it was discovered that she had a concealed handgun license.

(The teacher has a young daughter and has had a restraining order against her ex-husband. She fears for her safety and the safety of her child. )

She was taken into an office, where her boss dramatically lowered the shades. A police officer stood near by. She was told if she had a gun she would be fired and arrested. Later she was told if they even thought she may have brought a gun to school, her car would be searched. As you know, none of this is lawful.

Our attorney contacted the school district and pointed out that state law gives them no authority for any of these actions. Predictably, they chose to ignore the clear language of the law and continue their policies.

It is interesting that the public school establishment, which continually insists that public school teachers are the best and the brightest, are the most determined opponents of allowing trained teachers to be armed.

They insist that only police officers can properly handle firearms, ignoring the reality that police are like everyone else, and your competency and abilities are determined by factors other than whether you wear a badge.

The Oregon Firearms Educational Foundation has agreed to support the Medford teacher in her legal attempts to get a judicial resolution to this ongoing issue.Our attorney is seeking a declaratory judgment against the school district.

This is an extremely important case, and not only for this one teacher. Government agencies across the state have implemented policies forbidding their employees from possessing defensive firearms. In many cases, they have created rules to restrict the public as well.

We believe that state law forbids government agencies from creating rules of this kind, but we need a court decision to put the issue to rest once and for all.

A decision in this case will effect anyone who works for any state agency. It may effect people who don’t work for the state but find themselves in state owned buildings.

Oregon Firearms, and the Oregon Firearms Educational Foundation have been looking for a case to, once and for all, determine how much power government agencies have to restrict their employees. We are hopeful that this case will do that. We hear from state employees often who want to know if they must give up their rights when they accept a state job. This case may well tell us.

There is no way of knowing how protracted or expensive this case will be, so we are asking for whatever help you can give us to defray the cost. OFEF is committed to seeing this through for all our sakes, but your support is critical.

Donations to OFEF are tax deductible. You can help us fight the bureaucrats and get a tax break. Please consider whatever you can afford as we continue to fight for all gun owners’ rights

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