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After a hearing in the US Senate’s Judiciary Committee, with yet another unrecorded vote, the NRA-backed expansion of the Brady Bill is now heading for the floor of the US Senate.

As you know from previous alerts, HR 2640 already passed the US House, also on an unrecorded voice vote.

We now need to do all we can stop the bill in the US Senate.

This bill vastly expands the record keeping done by the government to deny firearms purchases.

The bill would make hundreds of thousands of people who committed no crime ineligible to buy a firearm based on vague, poorly defined standards of mental health. What few options would be available to prove you qualify to own a firearm would be expensive, difficult and unlikely to succeed.

This bill was dead until revived by the National Rifle Association in the wake of the Virginia Tech murders. The author of the bill, Carolyn McCarthy, an anti-gun militant from New York said: “The National Rife Association still wields tremendous influence in the halls of Congress and their blessing is required for any bill that enforces or creates gun laws.”   And the bill does have the full support of NRA who insist it’s not a gun control bill, in spite of the fact that the bill was the creation of anti gunners and is supported by anti-gun organizations.

It is now up to us to kill this dangerous bill on the Senate floor. For some time Oregonians have been experiencing lengthy (and illegal) delays when trying to purchase firearms. If this bill passes the problem will get far, far worse. Please contact Gordon Smith and Ron Wyden and urge them to defeat this outrageous attack on gun owners.

You can use the following text or your own in your contacts with the Senators:

Dear Senator,
I am very disappointed that the Senate Judiciary Committee passed out HR 2640 on and unrecorded vote, just as the House did.
This bill will solve nothing but will expose hundreds of thousands of private medical records to organizations that have already proven they cannot be trusted to accurately deal with personal information. Furthermore, the liability that people face when accused of being mentally incompetent to own a firearm will discourage people with personal issues from seeking medical help.  I strongly urge you to reject the Senate version of HR 2640.
Very truly yours,