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A Message From OFFPAC

OFFPAC endorses Jim Leuenberger for Attorney General.

Dear supporter of gun rights,

There is little doubt that the 2009 Legislature will be under the control of anti-gun forces. While this does not mean we will lose ground, it does mean we must prepare for the worst while hoping for the best.

It is impossible to predict how any legislature will behave. We have moved ahead, thanks to your activism,even when anti-gun politicians were in charge. But, of course, we can never rest.

I want to tell you about a race for an office that is outside the legislature, but still critically important. That race is for Attorney General.

You may recall that the Republican Party did not field a candidate for the office. The race was between two Democrats, Greg MacPherson and John Kroger.

MacPherson was as vocal an enemy of freedom and gun rights as any politician in office. As Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, he tried every trick he could think of to ram through anti-gun legislation. Your activism defeated him  every time.  He also (thankfully) lost his bid to be AG.

The winner of the Democratic Primary was John Kroger. You can read more about him here.

There is little reason to believe  Kroger bodes well for gun owners. His list of supporters is a “who’s who” of militant anti-gun liberals, including Senator Vicki Walker and Portland City Commissioner Randy Leonard.

That’s why I want to tell you that there is a candidate for this important office who is not in the pocket of gun hating organizations like The Sierra Club and the Oregon Education Association.

That candidate is Jim Leuenberger. Many of you know Jim as an attorney who has worked hard for gun rights representing gun owners all over the state. Jim is the lawyer who has taken on the power brokers to fight for the right of Shirley Katz, “the Medford teacher” to carry her handgun while at work. Jim represented David Bacon in his battle with the ATF.

Jim has made fighting for gun rights the cornerstone of, not only his practice, but his run for Attorney General.  He is a passionate defender of freedom and the constitution and makes no apologies for his commitment to the Second Amendment. Consider this quote from Jim’s webpage: “When more Oregonians defend themselves by keeping and bearing arms, there will be less crime. With less crime, we will need fewer police officers and fewer prisons. “

I hope I can count on you not only to vote for Jim in November, but to do all you can to help his candidacy with your financial support. Kroger has huge money from labor unions behind him. Jim is relying on the donations of gun owners like you.

Please visit Jim’s website and make a donation to help a true champion of gun rights get elected.