David Bacon Defense Fund

David Bacon was a volunteer for the Oregon Firearms Federation. You may have met him at one of the gun shows where he manned a table for us and helped us grow by signing up new members. David is bright, honest and ethical. But David was a little too trusting.

David had a pistol for sale and the ATF was looking for another scalp to hang on their wall. So they sent an agent to buy the pistol from David in hopes of entrapping him. They succeeded. The ATF agent who purchased the pistol happened to have a Washington driver’s license. As a result, David is now a Federal prisoner.

Oregon Firearms Educational Foundation uted substantially to David’s defense. Attorney Jim Leueneberger worked overtime on David’s behalf, but as is so often the case when people are charged with “gun crimes,” the fix was in.

ATF piled on other charges , and David was convicted despite the production by the defense of evidence of David’s innocence. A government witness made numerous false claims against David which the defense proved were bogus. It was the Big Al Woodbridge railroad job all over again.

A fund has been set up for David at Key Bank where utions can be made for his appeal . David’s friend and neighbor Paul Blattner opened the account, the” David W Bacon Benefit Account.”

If you prefer, you can make a ution to David’s defense through the Oregon Firearms Educational Foundation, and your ution will be tax deductible. 100% of all utions made on  David’s behalf will go into his fund.

You can make a donation at any Key Bank or if you prefer, you can use this link to make a donation through OFEF. Please be sure to pick the Educational Foundation in the “Donation Type” drop down window and make a note in the blank windows that the donation is for David’s fund. You will receive a receipt for your donation in the mail.
If you want to write and express your support for David, you can contact him at the following address. For more information on David’s case, you can review court documents including the latest appeals brief at this link.

David Bacon
68926-065 Unit EC
PO Box 13900
Seattle WA. 98198-1090


Thank you for your support for our friend David Bacon.

What follows is an e-mail we received from a close friend of David’s:

I was @ the trial, and testified twice. David has been a friend of mine for a decade. In fact, I helped him design the bookmark he used as a sales tool to sell some of your books even.

My understanding of what happened is that there was a sale made @ the gunshow (not by David), where there was a background check violation, and after the gunshow is when there was a supposed paper work violation on David’s part, mostly if not entirely separate from the subjct sale. The BATFE had a witness who testified that he bought a gun from David. However, the witness had committed a violation of his own so David and I are pretty sure he was intimidated by BATFE, and had a deal with them so they wouldn’t pursue him for his violation.

David went on in the trial to establish that he was not even present @ the gunshow when the sale took place. Cell phone records, a starbucks receipt which the prosecution found actually to their dismay, and Alex Osinski’s clear testimony, which he gave against his attorneys recommendation.

3 pieces of evidence, and the prosecutor apparently had enough charisma to skew perceptions, and the jury had enough weekend plans that the evidence was disregarded. You can probably see, the whole situation is saturated with other’s motives, not David’s. It’s disgusting.

I had never seen the criminal making machine in motion before, and now it sickens me to know with certainty that the livelihood of any and every honest person can be dismantled at the will of wolves; to think of it’s predatorial disregard for the life of its prey. Like a snake swallows an animal larger than its jaw, you wouldn’t think that the government could so easily swallow an honest man, but it apparently does it all the time.

After the gunshow, David transferred several guns to his brother. The paperwork violation was ridiculous also. Guilty until proven innocent, except that we already watched how proving innocence didn’t even count.

Prosecution said that David didn’t fill out the paper work correctly, but never in the trial defined the terms they were using to accuse him (like “transferer” and the end time & location of the gunshow) and never fully outlined how the way the forms were filled out actually established the charge.

I couldn’t believe how many dirty tricks of the trade were used by the prosecution, just to win, that had nothing to do with the facts or establishing David’s guilt or innocence. Steve and I, who both went to Bible school with David, after the verdict simultaneously thought (and Steve said aloud), “How do they sleep at night?”

Kevin, I apologize if I seem to be long winded, and am adding unrequested editorial. I have not voiced much to the email group through which this information about David’s situation has been circulating. I do not have as sedate of a countenance over his plight. It’s horror to me. I have a wife and 2 children.

David is one of my best friends. Long ago, David said to me he has lots of friends, but only a few really good friends, I have been working to be someone like that for him since. It grieves me more than it does him that he has been imprisoned, convicted as a felon.

– Jonathan