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7.15.08 DC ISSUES RULES FOR GUN POSSESSION. (As we predicted.)

“We figured it out until the court tells us we haven’t.”

That was acting Washington DC Attorney General Peter Nickles explaining how DC plans to skirt the Supreme Court’s ruling on DC’s gun ban.


In our June 26th alert (following the “Heller Decision” that supposedly allowed residents of Washington DC, our nation’s murder capitol, to own firearms) we said “If these restrictions are in fact Constitutional, you can rest assured that localities will continue to create absurd and onerous rules for licenses, permits and purchase.”

We were referring to all the restrictions that the Supreme Court allowed in their ruling. Sadly we were right.

The bureaucrats in DC have unveiled their rules for gun ownership in this crime infested, beleaguered city. You can read about them here. Washington DC Rules

“several council members said they agreed with tougher language that requires weapons to be unloaded, disassembled or trigger locked, except when there is a “threat of immediate harm to a person” in the home.”

As you can see, and as we expected, the anti-rights zealots who control Washington DC have created a system of rules and regulations that make owning a handgun in DC, just as impossible as it always was.

They have gone so far as to ignore the court’s ruling that guns cannot be required to be locked up. Their rules require just that. As you might imagine, the anti-gun nuts are right on board.

We were disappointed that the Court’s ruling was as narrow and anti-gun as it was, and now we see that the DC power brokers are doing everything they can to make sure no DC resident (who is not a criminal) ever gets the means to defend themselves.

This, unfortunately, is the future of gun rights in the “post-Heller” world; endless, costly litigation over every detail about gun ownership.

We can expect to face regular legal challenges and need to be prepared for them.

Our Foundation is  currently involved in numerous legal actions and we are embarking on new ones even now.  It is a sad commentary that the simple language of the Second Amendment is now the basis for untold legal fees, but that is the situation we face. If you can help support our legal efforts, you can do so here.  Please be sure to pick “Oregon Firearms Educational Foundation” from the drop down menu. Your utions to OFEF are tax deductible.