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Why The Republican’s Will Be Crushed In November, Russ Howard. July 2008

Another Reason The Republicans Will Be Crushed In November

By Russ Howard. OFF Member and California Freedom Activist.

July 2008

Subject: How about wearing a stun bracelet on your next flight?
Washington Times

Want some torture with your peanuts?

Bush pokes the Islamic hornet nest overseas while subverting our own borders and immigration laws, ensuring Jihadis and Jihadi sympathizers can come here in unlimited numbers, both illegally and legally, stay here, have millions of anchor baby Jihadis, scheme to kill us, and gradually take us down the Euro-French path.

By ensuring that the enemy is among us, Bush’s own gross dereliction of his oath to uphold our borders and immigration laws creates his excuse for police state measures that treat all AMERICANS as potential terrorists.

But maybe I’m too critical of the no-border police state approach to “defending” us from terrorism. I mean, just because we had borders and immigration laws during World War II doesn’t mean we need them now. Maybe it’s working out. After all, what about Bush’s “perfect record” since 9/11?

Nonsense. There have been Jihadi terror attacks since 9/11. Just not yet on the scale of 9/11, luckily. We don’t know how many because the authorities and the media hide Jihadi connections and deny they were terrorist attacks. What were the plots on JFK and the Army base? The attack on El Al in L.A., on the Jewish Day Care center in Seattle, on the Michigan deer hunters, on the Utah Mall? The snipers with names like John Mohammed? The San Francisco car bowler? These are a few of the attacks where a Jihadi connection couldn’t be totally hidden.

It’s less than 7 years since 9/11. Jihadis bombed the World Trade Center in 1993 and waited nearly 9 years to finish it off in 2001. So does Clinton deserve credit for a “perfect domestic terror record” for the last 7 years of his administration? Yes, under the imbecile double standard reasoning Republican meat puppets use to protect the Bush adman from accountability for anything.

While Republican radio hosts talk about how we’re in a war with fundamentalist Islam, millions of Muslims are here, more moving in and being born here daily. Jorge Bush and Juan McCain invited them in, and the rest of the Republicans go along with it. In recent polling 27% of “American” Muslims openly admitted to sympathizing with terrorists. Not only do we have extensive infiltration from the Islamic world during a war on terror, our “commander in chief” is not even making sure the Muslims that come and colonize us are truly pro-American, moderate, tolerant, and compatible with western civilization, freedom and liberty.

It’s pure culturally suicidal insanity, it guarantees that we will be murdered and balkanized, but hey, the all important consideration is “cheap” labor for the traitors at the “U.S.” Chamber of Commerce. No cost is too high for YOU to pay so they can pay $1 an hour less than they would have to pay the 60 million unemployed, underemployed, and welfared Americans to do “those jobs”. You know, the jobs our parents and grandparents proudly did when they were building this country. The jobs I did to get through college.

In 1980, the “U.S.” Chamber of Commerce was whining that they needed “cheap” labor, so Reagan gave amnesty to a few million illegals. Now we have about 100 million illegals, former illegals, their extended families, anchor baby “citizens”, and the babies of anchor babies, yet somehow the “shortage” of “cheap” labor is worse than ever. What will it take to fill it? 200 million more illiterates? A billion? It’s like a cross between a pyramid scheme and a heroin addiction. The more “cheap” labor we import, the more “cheap” labor we need.

“Liberalism” and “compassionate conservatism” are merging the maternal vs paternal totalitarian visions of Brave New World and Nineteen Eighty Four. Bush claims credit for thwarting attacks while simultaneously warning that another attack is inevitable, terrorizing Americans into letting him trample the Constitution, dignity, honor, privacy, and liberty.

Americans were asked to suspend disbelief that a perpetual underwhelming-force pre-surge occupation of Iraq would protect us from attacks on our soil despite gross dereliction of immigration laws and borders, provided we let the “Department of Homeland Security” chip, track, monitor and surveil ALL Americans and let the “Transportation Security Administration” strip search 85-year-old native-born grandmothers and WWII Congressional Medal of Honor recipients.

Now they scheme to put stuncuffs on all air passengers. Of course, this may not actually happen, but you know the bastards dream about programs like it and do the ones they think they can get away with. Orwellian laws like the “Patriot” Act and “Real ID”, airport groping of people who are clearly not reasonable suspects, random baggage searches on trains. All justified by letting the terrorists come here and breed in the first place. Idiot Republicans go along with all of it.
And corrupt pork-barrel phony Republicans went along with Bush’s unprecedented increases in corporate and personal welfare spending and the money printed to pay for it. All of the above combined is bankrupting the USA – a clear reflection of that bankruptcy is the collapse of the once proud dollar.

Of course, the Democrats will be even worse. But ignorant voters will now naturally want to change horses, even though the new horse is lamer than the old one. So all the Republican voters and talking heads out there agonizing about whether or not to vote for McCain, as if the Presidency is the only election, better start focusing on congress and senate. If we lose any more real Republicans there, we’re going to be hugely screwed no matter whether the race-fluffing eco-communist or the “compassionate conservative” becomes President. If we lose many more in congress, you can forget about ever getting another conservative justice on the court because they will not be confirmed even if you could trust McQuisling to nominate a real Republican to the court, which you can’t.

And how about prioritizing saving the USA over saving Iraq for a while? Bush’s underwhelming force occupation strategy wasted ~4,500 dead, ~10 times that many wounded, maimed etc, plus ~ a trillion dollars, delaying the surge until Republicans lost congress (convenient since his top goal was trying to pass “comprehensive immigration reform” which Republicans were barely blocking). Thanks in large part to that, we’re about to lose the USA. Who’s going to save Iraq then?

Any real war – especially a war on terror – starts with borders and immigration laws. Otherwise, it’s a fraud. Keep some permanent bases, keep enough of the oil revenue to pay the USA back what Iraq owes us for getting Saddam off them, and otherwise get the hell out of Iraq and let Iraqis save themselves. It’s not our job to give them a better form of government. It’s their job.
And where are the trillion dollar checks from the Saudis and Kuwaitis for saving their corrupt, despotic regimes in the Gulf War?

What a pathetic disgrace, Bush over there begging instead of telling. Telling them how much to increase production. Telling them how big of a check to write for saving them in the Gulf War, for 9/11 (done by Saudis), and for the War on Terror (Saudi sponsorship of terror and anti-western Medrassa indoctrination).

All we need to do is contain Islam and deny rule to any Islamic ruling class that truly threatens us. Occasional actions that exploit our overwhelming advantage of power to deny rule at relatively low cost to us give Islamic despots a compelling incentive to fight the war on terror for us, killing and suppressing extremists within their own borders, unconstrained the niceties of western conventions. See Libya.

On the other hand, mission creep from denial of rule to endless underwhelming-force occupations that bankrupt the USA and exhaust public support sends the opposite message to Islamic despots: Wait it out…Soon the American public won’t even tolerate denial of rule actions.
We don’t need to occupy and fix every problem country. Containment worked on communism and it can work on fundamentalist Islam. Conversely, if do not contain Islam, we will lose the west. Containment also starts with borders and immigration laws. See France.

Russ Howard