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Yesterday, in late Senate Floor session, the Oregon Senate passed HB 2370. This bill transfers emergency powers in times of catastrophe from the State Police to the Oregon Military Department.

Included in the language of the bill is a prohibition on the confiscation of firearms in times of declared emergency. It also allows a person whose firearm is seized illegally by a government agency to recover all costs associated with the return of that firearm.

In the wake of the Hurricane Katrina debacle, more Americans are realizing that they are very much at risk from their own government. This prohibition is a great victory for gun owners, especially now when the Oregon Legislature is dominated by anti-gunners. The House agreed with the Senate vote at 9pm tonight and now the bill goes to the Governor who is expected to sign it.

But even as we are gaining ground on a state level, we are facing new threats on a national level.

The NRA supported HR 2640 . a massive expansion of the “Brady background check and unjustified denial bill” is still very much alive.

This bill, which was rammed through the US House of Representatives on a voice vote, with no hearings, is now in the Senate, and only you can stop it.

Please see the extensive analysis Gun Owners Of America did on this dangerous legislation.

As you probably know, the incidents of unjustified delays and denials has skyrocketed in Oregon, and should this bill become law, you can rest assured things will get much, much worse.

The bill gives the Federal government access to massive new amounts of personal information on American citizens. Since this bill is the brainchild of some of the most anti-gun politicians in the country, you know that this new invasion of privacy will be used for one thing only. To prevent firearms’ purchases.

As we have said before, it is essential that you contact your US Senators, Gordon Smith and Ron Wyden and tell them “NO MORE GUN CONTROL ON AMERICAN CITIZENS.NO ON HR 2640.”

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