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As you know, the NRA revived a gun control bill that was all but dead and rammed it through the US House of Representatives.

HR 2640
was the brain child of Carolyn McCarthy of New York, who went to Congress for one reason, to pass more gun control. But she was failing until the NRA teamed up with her to pass another dangerous intrusion into your privacy and another vicious attack on your gun rights. Sarah Brady is calling the bill “a victory for gun control.”

Using the shootings at Virginia Tech as a pretext, the NRA joined with some of the most anti-gun members of Congress to pass this bill without so much as a committee hearing. Charles Schumer, the Senate’s most vocal gun hater had high praise for the bill. ““When the N.R.A. and I agree on legislation, you know that it’s going to get through, become law and do some good,” Mr. Schumer said.

So now the NRA is in the business of pushing for bills that Charlie Schumer likes. The irony that Virginia Tech is being used as an excuse for this is profound. The people who died there were all denied the right to protect themselves and instead of addressing that, the NRA joined forces with the worst of the gun control zealots.  Worse still, it is the official policy of the NRA that virtually ALL law abiding people should be disarmed on school property. Wayne LaPierre has stated unequivocally  ” First, we believe in absolutely gun-free, zero-tolerance, totally safe schools. That means no guns in America’s schools, period … with the rare exception of law enforcement officers or trained security personnel.”

So not only does the NRA want to vastly expand the failed Brady background check system, it wants to deny law-abiding gun owners the ability to protect themselves and others while at a school . This policy is madness.

HR 2640’s supporters claim it is simply a way to identify people with mental problems. But a review of George Bush’s positions would make you conclude that Bush believes EVERYBODY has mental problems.

A story in the British Medical Journal in 2004 stated that a Bush presidential commission “recommended comprehensive mental health screening for “consumers of all ages,” including preschool children.” The headline of this story was “Bush plans to screen whole US population for mental illness.” The article also notes some disturbing ties Bush has to the pharmaceutical companies that would profit greatly if more people were determined to be “mentally ill.” The article noted ” Eli Lilly, manufacturer of olanzapine, has multiple ties to the Bush administration. George Bush Sr was a member of Lilly’s board of directors and Bush Jr appointed Lilly’s chief executive officer, Sidney Taurel, to a seat on the Homeland Security Council. Lilly made $1.6m in political utions in 2000—82% of which went to Bush and the Republican Party.

Of course, the entire process of declaring people “mentally ill” is largely subjective and open to abuse and personal interpretation. That’s what makes this bill so dangerous.

Time is NOT on our side. If this dangerous bill moves as swiftly in the Senate as it did in the House it could pass any day.  It is critical that you contact your US Senators and tell them the NRA does NOT speak for you when they promote disarming Americans and forcing new gun control bills.

Please call or e-mail Ron Wyden and Gordon Smith. You can use the suggested text below to cut and paste into their web-mail windows, or you can call their offices.


Dear Senator,

HR 2640 is a bad idea. The last thing Americans need is vast new amounts of their personal information being turned over to the Federal Government.
The Brady “instant” check system has turned out to be the “Brady Unjustified Denial System.” This bill will make things far worse for law abiding gun owners. The NRA does NOT speak for me. Vote no on HR 2640.


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