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OFFPAC ALERT 05.09.08 Election News And Another Set Back For Gun Owners.

Because of the takeover of the Oregon Legislature by Democrats, the Republican Party has either failed to recruit candidates or simply given up on certain districts.

House District 32 is currently represented by Debbie Boone. Until now, Boone was unopposed for her house seat. Now, at the request of the local Republican Party, a challenger is mounting a write-in campaign.

The challenger, Tim Bero, is an OFF member, and the owner of TNW Firearms in Vernonia Oregon.

Longtime OFF members may remember New Years Eve Full Auto Shoots at TNW.

To learn more about Tim, see here. For other candidate info, see here.

We believe there may be more pro-gun candidates stepping up as write-in’s as the campaign season continues. If there are more, we will let you know.

On another note, gun owners suffered another setback at the hands of the Courts when David Bacon’s appeal was denied.

You can read the court’s decision here. If you believe gun rights are not under attack by the courts, note on page 2 of the decision where the Appeals Court  states; “…Bacon,as an individual citizen,lacks standing to assert a constitutional right to bear and keep arms.”

That this is the current position of the Appeals Court should chill every gun owner in America.

David’s case could still be appealed to the full Appeals Court and his legal options are being considered.  David was recently released from prison and we welcome him back, even with the limited rights has has left.