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House Bill 2853 is now scheduled for a hearing in the House Rules Committee.The hearing is scheduled for May 13th at 3PM.

This bill, which we have warned you about before was moved to the Rules Committee to allow it to stay alive after deadlines in other committees would have killed it.

The bill would vastly expand the failed Brady Law and send thousands of “mental health” records to the radically anti-gun Obama administration.

The current Brady checks routinely deny law abiding Oregonians legitimate gun purchases, and now the state is planning to dump thousands of very personal records into a failed system. The State Police have requested this because the Governor demanded that they comply with the NRA sponsored, “HR 2640,” a gun control bill created by an anti-gun New York Congresswoman.

The bill was dead until it was revived by the NRA. Upon its passage, both the NRA and the Brady Campaign sent out victory messages. Now it’s here in Oregon.

In addition to the obvious privacy issues, there is so much potential for abuse that this bill must be stopped.

We have not included a link to the bill because the legislative website does not have current information posted. The bill posted on the website is NOT the bill that has been scheduled for a hearing.

Please contact the House Rules Committee and urge them NOT to turn over personal records to the Obama administration, the FBI, and the BATF. Please tell them that background checks are conducted by our State Police, and the FBI does not need access to the personal records of Oregonians.

If this bill passes, you can rest assured that the records being transferred to the Federal government will be used by Obama and his radically anti-gun Attorney General to deny gun  rights to thousands more Oregonians.


Dear Representative,

HB 2853 represents one of the greatest invasions of the privacy of Oregonians in recent memory.

Turning over the personal mental health records of Oregonians to the federal government is a page right out of “1984.”

I urge you to use your power to protect the privacy of Oregonians, not to invade it because of outrageous demands from Washington DC.