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CHL “Privacy” Bill Passes House Today

A dramatically weakened CHL “privacy bill” passed the House today with vote of 54 to 4 with two members excused.

The amended bill, 2727 A eliminates the strong protections in the original bill and substitutes language that is more window dressing than substance.

The bill as passed still allows Sheriffs and other government agencies to release private information about license holders at the agency’s discretion.

Representative Larry Galizo was one of four members who voted against the bill. Galizio’s floor speech was riddled with errors and misunderstandings about why gun owners wanted the protections contained in the original bill.

Two other Democrats joined Galizo in voting “no” for even these minimal protections. They were Mitch Greenlick and Mary Nolan. These three would prefer if NO gun owners received any protection from abusive agencies. One Republican voted no as well, but for very different reasons.  Representative Jim Thompson , himself a CHL holder, explained that the bill simply did not go far enough and was “not ready for prime time.” Obviously, we agree.

Other House Reps made it clear that while they would vote for the bill, they understood how little it accomplished. Compelling floor speeches were made by the original bill’s chief sponsor, Kim Thatcher, and Representative Bill Garrard.

We appreciate all the hard work Representative Thatcher and her staff did to craft a strong bill. In the end, the members of the Judiciary Committee chose to water the bill down. While not hurting gun owners it does little to protect them.

The bill now moves to the Senate where OFF will work with pro-gun legislators to try to salvage as much of the original bill as possible.