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05.06.06 Atkinson For Governor. (From OFFPAC)

A Message From OFF PAC

Dear Fellow Gun Rights Supporter,

As you know, we have very high standards for people who are asking to be hired for public office. OFF PAC rarely endorses candidates but always holds them accountable.

We are getting close to the final days to vote in the primary election. If you are a registered Republican, we strongly urge you cast your vote for Senator Jason Atkinson for Governor.

Of the Republican candidates, only Atkinson has a solid record on gun rights. Of the three major Republican candidates, only Atkinson went on the record and returned the OFF PAC candidate survey. (Oddly, Ron Saxton completed a six page NRA survey, but refused to answer a six question OFF survey.)

Atkinson has made no secret of his desire to reach out to gun owners. He has been a consistent voice for gun rights in the legislature. In contrast, Mannix has a well known anti-gun record in spite of the high marks given to him in the past by the National Rifle Association, and Saxton has no record on gun rights at all.

Since both Mannix and Saxton have a record of trying to work both sides of the fence, (Mannix was a liberal Democratic legislator and favors government solutions to every problem, and Saxton has close ties to the liberal establishment in Portland,) we think that Atkinson’s consistency on many issues makes him the only reasonable choice in this race.

Regardless of which party you are in, we hope you will consider financially supporting Senator Atkinson, and if you are a registered Republican, voting for him in the primary.

Gun owners can make the difference in this race. In the last race for governor, Mannix lost by a narrow margin after gun owners learned of his anti-gun record, in spite of his lying to voters about that record. Your vote can make all the difference in this race as well.

Please support Senator Atkinson financially and with your vote.

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