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04.30.07 Port of Portland Bill Removed From Schedule.

“Thank you for writing.  House Bill 2890 (formerly HB 2852) was recently considered by the House Judiciary Committee on which I serve as Chair.  It will not be moving forward this session.”

With those words, Greg MacPherson (Chair of the House Judiciary Committee) may have closed the book on the Port of Portland’s efforts to expand their power in spite of their refusal to obey the law.

Today was the deadline for hearings on bills in the house where they originated. Since the “gut and stuff” bill 2890 was removed from the schedule,it would appear the bill is no longer an issue.

However, while we are hopeful that this is the case, the show is not yet over.

The deadline DOES NOT apply to the Rules Committee in both the House and Senate. They can continue to hear bills well after other committees are closed to new bills. And of course, the “rules” can always be suspended. But for now, it seems likely that your efforts have paid off.

We intend to continue to monitor any bill that can be used to revive the language MacPherson attempted to stuff into HB  2890, but we believe that the bill is dead for now.

We will count on your activism if the bill returns in any form or shape, but right now please congratulate yourself on a job well done.