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04.26.07 Port of Portland Bill Gets Worse.

Port of Portland Bill Gets Even Worse.

As we warned you yesterday, the Port of Portland is trying to use an unrelated bill to expand their power in spite of their continued refusal to obey the law.

We can now confirm that House Bill 2890, a bill originally intended to outlaw handcuff keys, will have all its original language removed and replaced with the language of the Port of Portland bill that has died. But it gets worse.

These amendments not only have all the original language from HB 2852, they also include a new crime, “possessing or controlling a firearm in a restricted access area.” What do gun owners get in exchange? A promise from Port of Portland Executive Director Bill Wyatt that he will “recommend” that the Port of Portland Commission “take all necessary steps to conform Port ordinances concerning weapons possession to current Oregon law.”

Some deal. The Port Police get expanded powers, gun owners get a new crime and a promise that a “recommendation” will be made that the Port start obeying the law.

Director Wyatt tacitly admits that the Port is breaking the law and violating your rights and he is going to “recommend” that they start obeying the law?

Oregon Firearms was NOT consulted about this “deal” and certainly does not agree to it. (To the best of our knowledge, no one else in the gun lobby was consulted either.) Furthermore, these amendments and this “deal” have been made entirely outside of the public eye, with even some legislators not being told what is going on.

This is clearly bogus.

The hearing for this bill is scheduled for tomorrow. There is still time to contact the House Judiciary Committee and tell them not to exchange rights for promises from people who are breaking the law now.

Contact info and a sample message follow:

UPDATE 04.27.07. Gun owners who have contacted the committee members have received positive responses from Representatives Flores and Krieger saying they will not support the bill until the Port of Portland obeys the law. We have no indication yet where Representatives Cameron and Whisnant (both Republicans) stand. Please be sure to contact them.


Dear Representative,

The deal to gut and stuff HB 2890 is a cynical and underhanded way to pass legislation that rewards law breakers.

You have already heard from many gun owners expressing their opposition to HB 2852, and the language that would be added to this bill is even worse.

The Port’s executive director has NOT promised to change illegal anti-gun policies, only to “recommend” they be changed. Please do not reward them for vague promises while they continue to violate gun owners’ rights.

Very truly yours,