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Two gun bills that had previously passed the Oregon House sailed through the Senate today.

HB 4068 , which corrects errors in current law and addresses CHL applicants who had a single conviction for a small amount of marijuana, and HB 4035 which  allows corrections officers to travel to and from work with their own firearms were both confirmed.

4035 received only one “no” vote and to no one’s surprise it came from Ginny Burdick who so hates gun owners she would rather see another corrections officer murdered than allow them to protect themselves.

4068 passed with no “no” votes.  Burdick must have misunderstood it.

These bills now head back to the House for concurrence since changes were made in the Senate.

That’s the good news. The bad news is the House passed HB 4054.

HB 4054 is not a “gun” bill, so why should you care about it?

In its passed form the bill totally subverts the ballot measure process.  After the legislature passed a bill last year to allow illegal aliens to get driver’s “cards,” signatures were gathered to place the issue before the voters. A ballot title was drafted, but the leftists in the legislature decided they didn’t like it. So instead of allowing a ballot title that accurately described what the bill in question did, (provide driving privileges to people who broke the law to be here) the ballot title will now be :


The bill forbids any judicial review of the ballot title. No matter what you think about the issue of illegal immigration, the fact is that the ballot measure process is meant specifically to be a check against the legislature. This bill removes that function and further empowers the legislature to ignore the will of the people. There is no reason to think that a legislature this arrogant would not attempt to subvert the rights of gun owners by twisting the system.  According to reports from Legislative Counsel, as referenced by some of the opponents of this bill, this has never been done before in Oregon. This is another “by any means necessary,” “Rules for Radicals” usurpation of power and it’s chilling.

While efforts are being made to turn Oregon gun owners into criminals, as has been done in New York and California and now Connecticut, real criminals are being given special rights. The proponents of this bill have said (with straight faces) that this will allow people who come here illegally to be able to “buy insurance.”  So this is going to make us all safer.  Why anyone thinks that people who break the law to be here want to obey the law to get insurance is anyone’s guess.  But gun owners have other reasons to be concerned.

This is one more step in the legitimization of people who,given the chance. vote overwhelmingly Democrat and anti-gun.  It does not take a lot of imagination to conclude that the Department of Motor Vehicles will soon  be handing voter registration cards to anyone who comes in the door, whether for a real driver’s license or a “limited purpose, duration driver card.”

Every House Democrat voted “yes” except Brent Barton. Republicans Vic Gilliam, Bob Jenson,and Greg Smith joined the Democrats and voted “aye.”