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02.09.13 Weekend Update

Yesterday’s “Patriot Party” gun rights rally was another tremendous success. Different media outlets estimated the crowd from “several hundred” to a thousand. The latter is closer to the truth. “Everything’s going exactly as planned,” state police Lt. Terri Davie said. There are people walking through the building with weapons, but “there’s been no concerns.”

Imagine that. “No concerns.” Hundreds of men and women carrying firearms around and into the Capitol and there were “no incidents.” How can this be?  Where was the expected carnage? Where was the blood in the streets? After all, there were guns there! How do you suppose Burdick and the bed wetters from Ceasefire Oregon are going to spin this one?

Guns cause crime and violence, so how was this rally immune?  At one point Penny Okomoto and two other anti-freedom protestors stood on the Capitol steps, looking lonely.  But it made a point. These hypocrites begin every new diatribe with “most gun owners are law abiding” and “we don’t want to take anyone’s guns away.”  Yet at an event where hundreds of peaceful law-abiding gun owners are gathered to celebrate freedom, people like Okomoto and her deceitful cohorts (0ne of whom is pictured below) come to spread their message of hate.

Sad lonely protester

Several legislators came and spoke to the crowd, including pro-gun hero Kim Thatcher seen below.

Kim Thatcher

The event was pretty much an “open mike” situation and that created some odd moments, like when political gadfly Kevin Mannix stepped up to talk about the importance of gun rights, never mentioning his efforts to outlaw private sales of firearms at gun shows, or even your own home under some circumstances. Mannix will never overlook an opportunity for self promotion, but even he was treated respectfully.

To everyone who came by our table to say hello or join OFF, thank you! It was great seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Our thanks also to the folks who made it happen.

There is one gun related bill scheduled for a hearing so far. It is HB 2605 and currently due to be heard on March 5 at 1PM in House Judiciary. This bill addresses an anomaly in Oregon law. Currently, retired police officers are not required to have CHL’s in order to carry concealed. However, they are not afforded the same protections CHL holders have. For example, they may not carry in public buildings.  The bill seeks to correct this. The bill does not go as far as HB 2369 but we believe that the committee may be willing to incorporate the changes made in 2369. If you are retired law enforcement, or know someone who is, you may want to consider making your voice heard on this bill.

The Chairman of the Committee is Jeff Barker. Barker himself is a retired police officer and supportive of gun rights.

Remember, committee schedules change so be sure to double check the House Judiciary Committee schedule. You can find that here.


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