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As we told you one January 11th, the Oregon State Police held a public hearing on an administrative rule change.

Basically, what this change would do, if enacted, would require police departments to get a court order before getting access to information about lawful firearms purchases.

For those who are familiar with the outrages perpetrated against David Pyles, the need for this change is obvious.

At the hearing today, four people testified to put information on the record; one Salem cop, one Portland cop, one member of Oregon Firearms Federation and OFF’s Director, Kevin Starrett.

Both police officers opposed the rule change because they wanted to have access to the gun purchase records without requiring a court’s permission.

OFF’s Director  went on record supporting the change in rules, which we believe were the result of a demand by the Attorney General in the wake of the David Pyles’ debacle. We know David submitted testimony as well by mail.

The individual who was responsible for running the hearing would not allow questions and would not provide clarifications of the rule.

No other “pro-gun” organizations were present.