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“Republican ” Gun Control On the Horizon?

In spite of the hand wringing from the freedom haters in the gun ban movement, it would be a mistake to assume that more gun control on a national level is a dead issue.

Numerous sources are reporting that  Obama will “address the issue” of tightening gun control laws, almost certainly by ratcheting up already failed laws like the Brady Bill and the NRA endorsed “NICS Improvement Act. “ No doubt magazine bans and a re-introduction of the semi-auto ban will be in the mix.

There is reason to believe  that the Republicans may be on board.

The “improvements” in the NICS Improvement  Act appear to be, as we predicted, more denials and delays for qualified gun owners and no increased obstacles for nut-cases like the shooter in Tucson.

Here in Oregon, as a result of HB 2853, a bill which forced us into compliance with the ill-conceived NRA/Brady Bill supported  HR 2640, we are already seeing the predicted failure of the bill and faulty records are costing people their rights and more.

Oregon has 7 members of Congress. Two Senators and 5 House Members. It’s safe to say that 6 of them (including NRA endorsed Kurt Schrader) will support any demented scheme Obama proposes. With our own legislature returning on Feb. 1st we expect to see a plenty of anti-gun legislation introduced. It is still our intention to play offense, but it’s essential that you be prepared to respond immediately to any threat. We’ll keep you informed.