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Bush Signs NRA Gun Control Bill Into Law.

When George Bush JR. ran for president, the NRA promised that they would “work out of his office.”

Yesterday, in a giant victory for Sarah Brady and the National Rifle Association, Bush signed into law, a vast expansion of the Brady Bill gun restriction law.

Today, the Brady Campaign sent out an e-mail saying “The first major piece of national legislation to reduce gun violence in more than a decade was signed into law yesterday. Thank you for making this success possible.”

That extreme, anti-gun bill was resurrected by the NRA after 5 years of oblivion.

The new gun ban bill, (supported by Brady and the NRA) HR 2640, will take the failed background checks of the Brady Bill, which regularly delays or denies thousands of lawful gun purchases, and apply them to millions more gun buyers.

While the damage caused by the NRA’s duplicity cannot yet be calculated, it is clear that with each new sell out, your chances of being able to purchase the gun of your choice drop precipitously.

If you have any doubts that the gun grabbers are using this victory to push more gun bans, see here.

The sponsor of the bill wants more. Lots more. And she got her last victory with the active support of the NRA.

It’s very likely that those who would legislate away your right to defend yourself, will use the NRA’s support for new gun restrictions to promote their own gun control schemes. It’s also a near certainty that politicians will use the NRA’s support of this latest gun grab as political cover.

Thanks to the NRA’s support for the original Brady Bill, we hear from people every day who have been denied, or illegally delayed, a firearm’s purchase. It’s about to get a whole lot worse.