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01.06.08 Gun Maker Supports Gun Banner

It is truly astonishing that people in the business of making guns would support someone who wants to take them away. But Alex Robinson of Robinson Armament Co is determined to do just that.

Robinson posted an endorsement for Mitt Romney on his regularly updated website.
He has also stated :”There’s no one in the country who knows more about this subject or who can talk about it more intelligently than I can.”

When he was informed by gun owners that his support for Romney was, well, just plain nuts, he bent over backwards to give the Romney campaign an opportunity to spin their candidate’s message, much like the NRA. Now he is trying to convince gun owners to “change the minds” of the anti-gun candidates. Good luck. For more on NRA’s recent sell outs, click here.

Something go keep in mind when you buy your next rifle. On the other hand, it’s far from the first time we’ve seen this. In New York in 1989, the City Council attempted to pass an “assault weapon” ban. They did not succeed until 1992. But when the first attempt was made, a list of banned guns was created. Oddly, Ruger’s Mini 14 was not on the list. In what was sure to be seen as a complete coincidence, Ruger was supplying Mini-14’s to the New York City Police Department.