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Where We Stand


As of now (and this can change at any minute) SB 978 is still on hold in the Senate Rules Committee.  Senators Thatcher and Linthicum have introduced a “minority report” which is basically a proposed replacement for the language in 978.

If the bill is passed out of committee, it will almost certainly pass on the floor since Senate President Courtney typically does not allow bills to get that far unless he has twisted enough arms to make sure they pass.

The fate of this bill is still in the hands of Senator Arnie Roblan. If Roblan votes no in committee the bill dies there. (Which is not to say the same language could not be stuffed into some other bill.)

Roblan has been telling people he “must” vote for it in committee but plans to vote “no” on the floor.  This is a ruse. As we said, if it gets to the floor it passes, and Roblan knows that. Please keep up the pressure on him. 

Three other gun bills were kept alive when they were sent  to the House Rules Committee. So they are not dead yet.

HB 2505 is a lock up your safety bill.

HB 3299 is a “placeholder” bill designed to have anti-gun language stuffed into it sometime in the future.

HB 3329 allows gun dealers to discriminate against young Oregonians attempting to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights.

The drama has begun in the Capitol where House Republicans are finally digging in their heels to slow down the freight train of damage the Democrats are doing to this state by demanding that every bill be read word for word before it’s voted on.  We hope to see similar action by Senate Republicans and encourage you to urge them to do so.

Stay tuned.