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Senator Betsy Johnson Follow-Up

Many Oregonians have received an email from State Senator Betsy Johnson in response to notes they had sent her concerned about what her current position is on gun rights.

We have received countless copies of her response, which we have copied below.  We want to thank everyone who forwarded it and who took time to contact her.

First of all, we want to note that we contacted Senator Johnson’s office before we sent out our last alert expressing concern about her position. We have still received no response from her, although many of you have.

In Senator Johnson’s email she says “it’s just an early conversation, but it is a bi-partisan effort to close some loopholes in Oregon’s gun background check system.”

To date we have seen no definition of what “loopholes” she wants to close even though we know people have asked her. We are not familiar with any “loopholes.” If anything the background check system already denies rights to too many people who should not be prevented from purchasing firearms.

Her email response also says “Senator Johnson says 2nd amendment rights are being respected, and she believes there needs to have a way (sic) to have folks who have been adjudicated as mentally ill to be added to the gun registry, so that person would not be able to own a gun.”

We don’t know what she means by “the gun registry” although we would like to, but we do need to point out that several years ago Oregon agreed to comply with national legislation promoted by both the Brady Campaign and the NRA that did, in fact, share those records with the Feds and NICS. So we can’t quite understand why we have to do it again.

Senator Johnson’s previous support for gun rights has made all the difference in fights we’ve had in the past. But as of yet, we have received no response to our call to her to clarify where she stands now. If you have, please share it with us.

If you want to contact Senator Johnson for more info she can be reached at 503 986 1716 or by email at

Also please be aware that there is lots of action still taking place to promote and pass gun laws. Some coming from unexpected places. So do NOT assume this issue is over.

Senator Johnson’s Email:

Thank you for your email.

I have not changed my position on any of the gun bills being proposed; should they come to the floor of the Senate, I will still be a no.

With respect to what has been posted elsewhere, here is exactly what was reported in my facebook post:

“May 31

Budgets, background checks public safety on ‘This Week with State Senator Betsy Johnson’. Senator Johnson says legislators are busily working on budgets and some legislators are also talking about reasonable gun background check legislation. Senator Johnson says she has nothing specific to share about any potential legislation, it’s just an early conversation, but it is a bi-partisan effort to close some loopholes in Oregon’s gun background check system. Senator Johnson says 2nd amendment rights are being respected, and she believes there needs to have a way to have folks who have been adjudicated as mentally ill to be added to the gun registry, so that person would not be able to own a gun. Senator Johnson says nothing on the gun issue has dramatically changed, other than some Democrats and Republicans are sitting down together — she says gun safety awareness courses are part of this preliminary conversation. 4 previous gun bills are gone and won’t be heard. Senator Johnson says those four bills will not be the basis of any conversation about gun laws going on now. She says there is no specific legislation being discussed at this point, and right now, it’s just talking.”

As you can see, my comments have to do with better reporting of adjudicated mental conditions to NICS (an area that Oregon has a dismal track record on), and promote (NOT MANDATE!) gun safety courses (think a Hunter’s Safety Course).

During this entire “gun” discussion, these are two areas that have most often been mentioned by pro 2A constituents. For the Oregonian, OFF or others to somehow “extrapolate” more into what I have said would be, well, I’ll let you decide.

In any event, I am sorry that recent reports have caused you concern. I have not, and will not, be changing my position on the proposed bills.

And, I have nothing to do with the New York folks.

I hope this clarifies the issue a bit. If I can offer any additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,


(503) 986-1716


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Betsy Johnson Now Talking Gun Control



Senator Betsy Johnson, who until now has been a solid “no” on new gun restrictions, appears to be changing her mind.

After a stint away from the Capitol due to a car accident, she has said she is open to a “reasonable background check bill.”

NY billionaire Michael Bloomberg just dropped over a million dollars in Nevada to ram through this kind of new attack on gun rights. And we know he’s planning to spend heavily here in Oregon.

We found it strange that the anti-gun bills were being held up, and some were saying the Democrats were waiting until Johnson got out of the hospital, but since she has been adamant about voting “no” that made no sense.  Now maybe it does.

Clearly Senator Johnson is feeling incredible heat from her caucus and the money sure to come into Oregon from Bloomberg is not going to help us either.

In Nevada, Justin Jones, a Democratic State Senator who sponsored Bloomberg’s anti-gun bill there, was quoted as saying he hoped Bloomberg would stay involved in Nevada politics. “It never hurts to have friends with money,” he said.

And trust us, this fight is going to be all about money and Bloomberg has an unlimited supply to impose his totalitarian plans.

Johnson, we have been told, is part of the appointed “work group” on gun control. Based on her past assurance that she would stand up for gun rights, this is very bad news indeed.

Please contact Senator Johnson and ask her to stick by her promises to protect Oregonians’ gun rights. No amount of money from an out-of-state billionaire should be able to buy our liberty.

Contact info and sample message follow.

Senator Betsy Johnson
Capitol Phone: 503-986-1716
District Phone: 503-543-4046
900 Court St NE, S-209, Salem, OR, 97301


Dear Senator Johnson,

After your courageous stand defending my gun rights, I was very disappointed to hear you are considering supporting an expansion of the failed background check system here in Oregon.

You may know that Michael Bloomberg just spent over million dollars to ram though a similar bill in Nevada.

As an Oregonian, I am deeply offended that a billionaire is trying to buy my freedom.  I strongly urge you to reject his hypocritical agenda.

Remember, when Bloomberg travels to his mansion in Bermuda, he takes armed NY cops with him even though even the Bermuda Police don’t have guns.

Bloomberg’s cynical, deceitful agenda must not be allowed to control our legislature.