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Today for the third day, the Oregon Senate Republicans have denied quorum, shutting down business on the Senate floor.

This completely legal and constitutional action, which we have been encouraging, was taken in response to the clearly and demonstrably unlawful actions  of the Democrat Senator President, actions also taken by the Democrat House Speaker.

The Democrats are breaking the law. End of of story.

As you well know, we have been relentlessly critical of Republican “leadership” for refusing to stand up to the bullying and tyranny of the Democrats who insist on ramming through outrageous and dangerously extreme bills. So we can say without reservation that we are very encouraged by this step taken by most Republican and two independent Senators.

So, credit where it is due.  For a month we have been asking you to contact Republican leader Tim Knopp and demand he stand up to the Democrat’s madness. And, at least for right now, he has.

So, just as we ask you to raise your voice in protest, we are asking that you take a moment to contact Knopp and encourage him to stay strong and continue this brave action. We can assure you that doing so will be easier when he knows many have his back.

Please call or email Knopp today.

Senator Tim Knopp

Capitol Phone: (503) 986-1727


The damage the Democrats are doing to Oregon is truly incalculable. And it’s not just to our gun rights.

On Wednesday Democrat Senator Kate Lieber sent out a press release saying:

“Today, Oregon Republican senators abandoned their jobs and the people of Oregon by refusing to show up for work. The Senate could not reach a quorum, making this the fifth period since 2019 that Senate Republicans have denied quorum for a floor session, a pattern of antidemocratic behavior unprecedented in our state’s history.”

This is typical deceitful slime from Democrats. Republicans ARE doing their jobs, which is to protect the rights of the people who elected them. And,of course, Lieber, in standard lying Democrat fashion, conveniently fails to mention the long history Democrats have of walking out to get their way in 1971,1995 and 2001.

Meanwhile, the Oregon Republican House members continue to grease the skids for every demented scheme the Democrats dream up. And while they whine about Democrat abuses, they are complicit in the passage of Democrat bills because they show up and provide the quorum the Democrats need to pass their daily attacks on the rights of Oregonians.

The House member’s cowardice does not help the efforts of the Senators who have taken a stand. Instead, they are posturing.

The very day they allowed the Democrats to pass the anti-gun HB 2005, the House Republican Office sent us, with no explanation, this photo:

The “check” the House Reps are holding is made out to “Second Amendment Lawsuit” for $25,0000.00

While it would appear to be some effort to mount a legal challenge to the bill they just helped pass, none of them would explain what it means, what plans they have, what legal challenge is actually being considered, or what they hope to buy for $25,000.00. The most in-depth response we have received to our questions about their intent was “stay tuned.”

And while any legal challenge to any new gun grab will cost a lot more than $25,000.00 it would have cost a lot less to have taken the courageous stand the Senate Republicans have.

These are turbulent times for our state. While we are gratified to see the exit of the very shady Shemia Fagan, keep in mind her replacement will be picked by Tina Kotek who was also the recipient of large donations from the same pot dealers who caused Fagan’s downfall.

Every day is a new challenge, but for right now we ask that you contact Knopp, tell him to stay strong and to pass along your thanks to the Senators who stood up.