A message from Executive Director Kevin Starrett

OFF has one overriding principle, the belief that citizens of Oregon and the United States have the right to own and carry the firearm of their choice for any reason other than to commit a crime.

To that end we have worked to ensure that the rights of gun owners are not compromised by elected officials, anti-gun activists or those who masquerade as gun-rights supporters while they work behind the scenes to erode your liberties.

We oppose any attempt to chip away at your God given, Constitutionally guaranteed right to defend yourself and your family.

It is our sincere belief that ANY compromise on these rights will only lead to more attacks on liberty in the future. We believe in personal accountability and responsible gun ownership and we believe those goals are achieved by individuals, not by bureaucratic mandates.

Furthermore we believe that change is effected by grassroots activists and the pressure they can put on elected officials, not by back room deals cut by lobbyists who have no real interest in the issue, only their next paycheck.

As a result of our positions we have angered many politicians who would like people to believe that they support gun rights even when they vote against them, but we are far more concerned with votes than popularity.

As a result of the actions of OFF supporters we have demonstrated that grassroots activism works. “Willamette Week”, Portland’s “alternative” newspaper said “…the members of OFF are reputed to be particularly venomous and intimidating. When Starrett told his members that state Senator Veral Tarno was wavering on the original gun show bill, the senator received messages so vile and vicious that he blew up at Starrett during a committee hearing. Ultimately however Tarno voted AGAINST THE BILL…..”

Vile? Vicious? I doubt it, but there is no question that OFF supporters are committed and passionate. It is that passion and commitment that we rely on to alter the course of legislation in this state.

If you would like to be a part of Oregon’s only no compromise gun lobby, we welcome you.