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Today, the Multnomah County Commissioners unanimously passed an ordinance to demonize gun owners while having no effect on criminals or the violently mentally ill.

Although the County website often removes or changes URLs, the most recent one containing the ordinance can be seen here.

While there will be more on this in coming days, including reports from OFF members who attended the hearing, here is the summary:

Open loaded carry will now be illegal in Multnomah County for non-licensees.

Only security guards who work at banks will be allowed to be armed. Armed guards elsewhere would be prohibited   (Apparently much of the “gun violence” is being committed by security guards.)

It will now be unlawful for a person without a CHL to have a loaded magazine or speed loader in any public place, including your car, anywhere in the county.

It will now be unlawful to refuse to allow the police to inspect a magazine you have…even if you don’t have a gun!

It will now be a crime to allow a minor to have access to one of your firearms, unless of course, you’ve given him permission to have it. (We know, it makes no sense.)

This won’t apply if the minor was on your property illegally.  This won’t apply if your gun had a trigger lock.  The County has not explained how they will prove your firearm did NOT have a trigger lock.  We are confident that all guns that are obtained by minors from this point on, will be reported to have had trigger locks.  (It would appear that none of the County Commissioners are Mensa candidates.)

If your firearm is stolen and you don’t report the theft within 48 hours of “knowing or having reason to know” that it was stolen, you face a $2,500.00 fine.  We predict there will be lots of people who didn’t “know” their guns were stolen.

If your gun is stolen and you can’t provide a serial number, you will be charged a $200.00 “administrative fee.”  They don’t say what that fee is supposed to cover.

All in all, pointless rules that are only intended to harass and demonize gun owners. The Sheriff of Multnomah County thinks these rules are a great idea. (The County has no rules punishing people who allow minors access to their car keys.)

Reports are that the overwhelming majority of people who testified were in opposition.

More info to follow.

On another note, Ceasefire Oregon is encouraging its few supporters to lean on Senator Betsy Johnson to support gun control even though she has repeatedly  stated in writing she will not. As you may know, Senator Johnson is hospitalized following a car accident.  The gun bills passed by the Senate Judiciary Committee have not yet been scheduled for a floor vote and some are saying it’s because Senator Johnson is not available.  But this makes sense ONLY it the Democrats in control are convinced that with enough time they can change her vote.  If she’s not available, her absence is the same as a “no” vote.  Now is no time to let up. Please continue to contact the legislators and urge them to vote “NO” on all gun control bills.