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Moving “Closer and Closer” to Gun Control Bills


Senator Arnie Roblan is reportedly moving “closer and closer” to supporting some or all of the anti-gun bill currently in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

These bills, SB 347, 699, 700 and 796 have, once again, been held over and now are due to be voted on tomorrow, the last day they can move forward without a suspension of the rules.

Although heavily amended, all of these bills are still anti-gun bills which do nothing to address crime and violence.

SB 347, the “no guns in schools” bill has had its language changed but will still ban concealed carry in virtually all schools. No has provided a single example of a crime committed by a CHL holder in a school in Oregon…ever.

SB 699 now requires that CHL holders keep their firearms “concealed from view” while in public buildings. The only apparent explanation for why this should be required is that some people are “offended” by or “distressed” at the sight of a firearm in civilian hands.  Ironically , we don’t require licenses for open carry, only for concealed carry. Now, because some people have phobias and irrational fears, we are forcing people give up their rights so no one’s “feelings are hurt. There are many things that offend many people. Are we going to outlaw everything anyone objects to?

SB 700  still requires that you get police permission before giving a gun to your best friend or many family members. It also requires that you obtain forms from the State Police and keep them for 5 years if you transfer a firearm. The fact is, the background check system is already failing on a regular basis and people are delayed sometimes for months because of its regular errors. Expanding this system is a terrible idea.

Finally, SB 796 has been amended to outlaw online firearms classes. Why? No one seems to know. Ivy League Universities offer online course and college degrees are offered for them. Oregon has a charter school that is completely online. Online education is the wave of the future, it provides a far greater range of instructors than in-person teaching can and there have been exactly zero problems with people who have learned gun safety online. This bill is another idea whose time has clearly not come.

It’s essential that you contact Senator Roblan before tomorrow’s work session and urge him to vote no on all of these bills.

Contact info and a sample message follow. Feel free to modify this message.

Senator Arnie Roblan


Dear Senator Roblan,

The anti-gun bills you will be voting on tomorrow are no better in their amended form than they were when first drafted.
They solve no problems, address no issues and serve only to harass the law-abiding.
I urge you to continue to stand up for the rights and freedoms of  Oregon’s gun owners and not pass any bill whose only purpose is to make certain people feel good while accomplishing nothing of real value.