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Lead Ammo Ban Hearing Scheduled



We’ve been warning for some time that an attempt to ban lead ammo would be coming. Now the first hearing on the subject has been scheduled.

On Sept. 16 in Hearing Room D at the State Capitol at 2PM, the House Interim Committee On Agriculture and Natural Resources will be holding a “informational meeting” on lead ammo.

Governor Kitzhaber is reported to be behind a push to ban lead ammo. At this point there has been no proposed legislation made public so it’s unclear if this will start as a ban on lead ammo for hunting, or a total ban on lead ammo. You can rest assured that if it starts with hunting it won’t stop there. Make no mistake, this is a political effort, not an environmental one.  The anti-gunners see this as one more way to attack the rights of gun owners.

Having failed in Oregon to ban firearms, this is yet another attack on possession of ammunition.

 This hearing is open to the public, however only invited testimony will be taken. We still encourage you to attend.

 The Chairman and Vice-Chair of the committee are both pro-gun and pro-hunting so the fact that this hearing is taking place at all before any bill has been made public may be an effort to get in front of the issue. However, it is still a dangerous policy. It’s unlikely that anything said at this meeting will prevent a lead ammo bill from being drafted and introduced. So now, even before the elections, we need to start letting legislators know that we will oppose any effort to further curtail ammo supplies.

Please contact Chairman Brad Witt
and Vice Chair Sal Esquivel

Urge them to oppose any effort by the environmental extremists and the well funded anti-gun lobby to ban lead ammo.

You can find an excellent source of information and talking points here.