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How Do You Amend A “Perfect” Bill?


Before we get into the news from Salem, we wanted you to know that the City Of Canby passed a resolution opposing wasting any money on the enforcement of the Prozanski/Hoyle universal gun owner registration bill.

Resolution 1217 was passed last night on 4-1-1 vote. Councilman Greg Parker abstained and Councilwoman Tracie Heidt voted against the resolution.  Parker had nothing to say, but Heidt (who drove a car with a “Shame On The NRA” bumpersticker until she started campaigning) insisted that background checks were a great tool to stop criminals.  This was after she was provided with the OSP stats proving that background checks are a joke. This is no surprise. There is simply no point in reasoning with these people. (Heidt’s profile talks about the value of “inclusive community”. Apparently gun owners are not included.)

There was the expected, shrill commentary by a handful of nanny-staters who suggested that Canby would now become the center of the illegal gun trade in Oregon, but fortunately most people who spoke were rational.

Thanks to everyone who came and made their voices heard, especially our friends at Canby Rod and Gun Club and Oregon Hunter’s Association.

Given the passage of Lane County’s resolution against the enforcement of SB 941, it’s clear this battle is far from over. Please keep working locally to return Oregon’s gun laws to a semblance of sanity, because it sure is not going to happen in Salem.

So then, on to Salem.

The House Judiciary Committee has passed SB 525 to the House Floor. This bill has passed in the Senate.

The proponents of the legislation had two talking points. One, which was repeated word for word in most of their written testimony, was “It is well documented firearms and domestic violence are a dangerous combination.”  That phrase is repeated parrot like in almost all submitted testimony. But the other talking point repeated endlessly was that the bill was needed because Oregon police cannot enforce the federal ban on firearms possession by persons with domestic violence misdemeanor convictions.

For a full page of testimony making this assertion see this link.

The people who make this claim include district attorneys, city council members, feminist groups, Senator Laurie Anderson, Representative (and former cop) Carla Piluso, and our top lawyer, Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum. The entire reason for this legislation was based on that claim. And that claim, as we have been saying for months, is a lie. The chairs of the committees that passed this bill know it’s a lie. But in the usual deference they show to the anti-rights groups, they simply sat there and allowed themselves to be lied to by the  people who funnel money into Democrat coffers.  The shamelessness knows no limits. But now their own lawyers are telling them it’s a lie. Rest assured it won’t matter.

Yesterday, the bill too perfect to be amended, SB 941, the universal gun owner registration bill, was…amended. Remember the Democrats refused to consider a single Republican amendment?  Although already signed into law by Kate Brown, the House Judiciary Committee Democrats voted to use SB 315 as a vehicle to change some of the language in SB 941. Not a single Republican on the committee voted yes. And that’s good.
The changes that were made make a very bad bill even worse. These changes were made so House Rep Brian Clem could say he got some “pro-gun” concessions. Clem is slated to carry this garbage on the House Floor when it comes up for a vote.

Under the changes made and approved by the Democrats, you will now be subject to arrest if you transfer a firearm with an approved background check and the transferred firearm is used in a crime! The crime does not even have to be committed by the person you transferred the firearm to. It could have been stolen from that person.

But wait, you think that’s nuts? There’s more.  Under the changes made to SB 315, you can also be prosecuted if the firearm is transferred with the OSP’s approval  and the person who receives it is prohibited from owning a firearm under state and federal law.

It is the official, written policy of the OSP to approve transfers of firearms to certain felons. Felons who are PROHIBITED FROM OWNING FIREARMS! Let’s let that settle in.

You conduct a background check. The OSP gives its approval to transfer to a person they know is a prohibited person,  and you  go to jail.

This is the great bargain Brian Clem got in exchange for his selling his vote on SB 941.

But we’re not done yet. Today, the Senate Judiciary Committee passed another amendment to HB 3093, the CHL reciprocity bill. This bill was dragged back into committee after having been passed on June 1st. The Senate Judiciary Committee rescinded the amendments it had previously approved and replaced them with amendments that once again, amended the bill too perfect to be amended, SB 941.

Seems that a lobbyist for the homebuilders association became concerned that under 941, a background check would be required for the transfer of nail guns that use small caliber cartridges to drive fasteners into concrete and other surfaces too hard for other devices.  So the CHL reciprocity bill was changed to include an exemption for tools of that kind.

This brings up a few issues.  First, what other problems and unintended consequences will ooze up as this idiotic law is implemented?  Second, if, in fact, those kinds of tools are considered “firearms” under Oregon Statute and would be regulated under SB 941, why are they not regulated as “firearms” now?