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Gun rights are being attacked on multiple fronts from the Federal to the County level.

The US Senate took steps yesterday to continue the erosion of gun rights taking a bite here and a bite there. Efforts by staunch pro-gunners like Rand Paul to stop or slow these attacks were defeated when other Republicans did what they are best known for, caving.

Those who  were working to protect your rights have been ridiculed by folks like John Mc Cain, who, you will recall, campaigned in Oregon for Ginny Burdick’s gun control ballot measure in 2000.

Oregon has two of the most militant anti-gun Senators in the country, but they need to hear from you anyway. They are listed at the top of this page.

As we told you yesterday, SB 696 ,which was supposed to be a bill increasing the value of firearms immune from liens in the event of a bankruptcy, is likely to be amended into a completely different bill. While some of the changes are good, some are not. See here for more info.  While making the CHL statute more uniform in some regards, it seeks to expand the list of people prohibited from getting them. These include even more people with restraining orders against them.

The problem with this is that a restraining order is not even an accusation of crime, let alone proof. We know of police officers who lost their gun rights and their jobs as the result of  restraining orders with no evidence ever provided of wrongdoing.

A person who is abusive should be arrested and charged, but losing your rights simply because someone wants to take them away from you is not acceptable. Please contact the Senate Judiciary Committee and urge them to vote against any provision that expands the list of  people denied CHL’s unless they have actually been convicted of  crime.

As you know, the four major anti-gun bill which were supposed to be worked this past Wednesday, are now scheduled for next Tuesday. We are told they will be amended, but we don’t know what with. There is no reason to think they will be improved. You can still use our automailer to express your disapproval.

On another note, HB 3216, the bill that would have given tax credits for gun safes has been removed from the agenda.

Finally, now Multnomah County  has gun rights in their sights. We told you about this on March 26.

The Multnomah County Commissioners are planning to expand Portland’s anti-gun policies county wide. They would implement mandatory lock-up-your-guns rules, outlaw open, loaded carry for those without CHL’s, outlaw discharge of firearms and punish you if your firearm is stolen.

This is one more, incremental chip in your rights and will not stop here. You can see the proposed ordinance here .

The ordinance is due for discussion and possible adoption on April 18th at 9:30 AM. Location and contact info for the Multnomah County Commissioners can be found here.

If you plan to attend the meeting and testify you will need to fill out and submit this form to the Board Clerk.

The Board members phones and emails are available here.

A sample email  to the Board follows:


Members of the Board,

I strongly object to proposed Ordinance 4-18-13. Once again, politicians are using the behavior of criminals as an excuse to attack the rights of the law-abiding.  As a responsible gun owner, I object to the County dictating to me how to store my firearms. Open carry of firearms hurts no one. (Why do you suppose you need a license to carry concealed but not openly?) None of the firearms related proposals in this ordinance will stop a single crime. They are clearly designed to harass the law-abiding. I urge you to defeat this needless and counterproductive attack on my rights.