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Gun Grabbers Are Back. And They Are After You.



“If a loaded gun was not easily accessible to him that night, I believe he would be with us today.”

“Carol Manstrom says she lost her 18-year-old son when he grabbed his father’s unsecured pistol and shot himself….”

Now as a result of the reckless and foolish behavior of her and her husband, Manstrom wants to punish you by taking away your right to defend yourself and your family from criminal attack.

Manstrom has joined the usual chorus of Oregon leftists determined to harass law-abiding gun owners by forcing them keep their self defense tools inaccessible when most needed.

They have turned in the initial signatures to get a ballot title for Measure 40 a rehash of gun lock-up regulations we defeated in their last ballot measure effort and when they tried to pass it as legislation in 2019.

This ballot measure includes provisions that require you keep a trigger or cable lock on your firearms. Bizarrely, you would still be in violation even if you did  have a trigger lock or cable lock on your firearms.

If someone steals your firearm and commits a crime with it, you, the victim of the theft, are strictly responsible for the acts of the thief.  It’s interesting to note, that as we have come to expect from those who want to deny you the right to protect yourself, there is not a single word in the measure that deals with punishing people who steal guns, only the victims of the theft. This is the mantra of the left. Protect criminals, punish victims.

In Oregon, people who steal guns face very little in the way criminal liability.  Under this twisted measure, you as the victim could face far greater punishment than a person who steals guns.

The US Supreme Court has already declared that mandatory trigger locks are unconstitutional. But in Oregon that doesn’t matter. We have no choice but to fight this latest attempt to sabotage the Second Amendment and put you and your family in mortal danger. Unfortunately, unlike in legislative battles, we cannot rely on your activism alone.

This battle will be won or lost in the courts. Oregon Courts are notoriously biased against gun owners. So this will be no easy feat. But because of people like you, we have prevailed before. And we can again.

Your donation to this fight will give us the tools we need to defeat this dangerous attack one more time. Legal battles are expensive, we need your help.

You can make a tax deductible donation to our Foundation and it can make all the difference in this battle. Please use this link to donate. If you want your donation to qualify for a tax deduction please choose  “Oregon Firearms Educational Foundation” from the  “Donation Category” drop down menu.

If you prefer to donate by mail our address is  OFF, PO BOX 556 Canby OR 97013.

If we don’t defeat the anti self defense zealots again we are all at risk

Thank you for your support.