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Gun Confiscation Ballot Measure Moves Forward. Pro Rights Rallies Saturday.


Ballot Measure 43, the “Inter-Hate” petition to imprison Oregonians for exercising their rights, was sent to the Attorney General today for a draft ballot title.  After being delayed because they were short on signatures, the petitioners gathered more and collected enough to move to the next step.

After receiving the text of the initiative, the Attorney General prepares a draft ballot title and files it with the Elections Division. A ballot title includes:

a caption that does not exceed 15 words describing the subject of the petition;

a statement that does not exceed 25 words describing the result if the petition is passed;

a statement that does not exceed 25 words describing the result if the petition is rejected; and

a summary that does not exceed 125 words describing the major effect of the petition.

As you can imagine, it will  be virtually impossible for an accurate ballot title and summary to be created given how extreme this measure is.

After the Attorney General creates the title, summaries, and statement registered voters in Oregon will be given an opportunity to comment on the language of the ballot title. There will no doubt be plenty to complain about.  The Attorney General has until April 24th to create the title.

When she does, we’ll post detailed information on how you can submit your comments. Any registered voter who comments will have standing to appeal the ballot title language in court. You will have until May 8 to submit your comments.

Please keep an eye on these alerts for updates.

This coming Saturday there will be pro Second Amendment rights rallies in several locations in Oregon. Please try to attend the one closest to you.

The rallies already announced for that date are from 11am to 1 pm at the following locations:

Redmond City Hall, Redmond

Sandy City Hall,  Sandy

State Capitol,   Salem

Medford City Hall   411 W 8th St , Medford

405 East 8th Ave, Eugene

Til Taylor Park on SE 7th Street  Pendleton.