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Grant And Jefferson On Board. Anti Gun Hearing Tomorrow.


Today Jefferson County and Grant County added their names to the list of counties opposing new gun restrictions. You can see the growing map of pro-gun counties here. We welcome them and thank them for their commitment to our rights. There is no question we are seeing a surge of backlash across the state against the proposed attacks on the Second Amendment by the Portland dominated legislature.

That’s the good news.

As we told you yesterday, tomorrow the Oregon Senate Judiciary Committee will be hearing SB 385 to ban guns in Municipal Courts and Justice Courts.  This is dangerous and unneeded. Those Courts already have the power to do this and the bill would make a whole new list of places off limits to CHL holders for no purpose other than to harass gun owners. Please see the bottom of this previous alert for details and use it to express your opposition.

We have been getting regular, reliable reports that Floyd Prozanski will be introducing his anti-gun, universal registration bill soon. Several reports have said to expect it in March and the anti-gunner’s social media and email alerts have been discussing the bill as if they have already seen it and know when it will be introduced and heard. And they probably do.

As you know, in the past Prozanski has shared this information with anti-gun organizations before reporting it to the public as is required by rules. Last year CeaseFire Oregon was reporting the hearing date for Prozanski’s last gun registration bill well before the date was made public, so we take these reports seriously.

Be prepared to get very active in the near future. The current background checks system is a provable failure, the last thing we need is to have this extended to transfers between friends and family members.