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Gabby Giffords’ War On Women


Gabby Giffords is coming back to Oregon to spread the gospel of gun control.

Although a date has not been announced, the Associated Press has reported that Giffords will begin a nine-state tour in Maine, where she will advocate for tougher gun laws that she says will help protect women and families.”

(Giffords is bankrolled by millions from New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg.)

Giffords “will seek to elevate the issue of gun violence against women ” and no doubt will be promoting universal gun registration (“background checks.”)

Among the dead when Giffords was wounded were Chief Judge John Roll and Giffords’ community outreach director Gabe Zimmerman. Both apparently were men.

Of course, as is so often the case, the murderer who killed John Roll, Gabe Zimmerman and a nine year old girl when Giffords was shot, passed a background check. According to the State Police’s own figures, many law-abiding Oregonians cannot.


The Germans Had Background Checks.
The Germans Had Background Checks.



So while good people have their rights delayed or denied, killers like Gifford’s attacker and the Virginia Tech shooter are approved for gun purchases.


According to AP:

Among the changes Giffords has sought is to include people with misdemeanor-level stalking crimes among those who are prohibited from buying firearms and to expand background checks to ensure that domestic violence abusers can’t buy firearms at gun shows.”

Of course, persons with domestic violence misdemeanors can’t buy guns at gun shows now, no matter how old, trivial or trumped up their charge was. Remember, for many years people who were arrested for “domestic violence” were encouraged to plead to misdemeanors even when they were innocent, because it would “save them thousands in lawyers fees.” Few knew they were giving up their rights forever.

Oregon law now requires that people be informed they will lose their rights before pleading, but for far too long many innocent people were ensnared by dishonest DA’s and ill-informed police.

People who are subject to “stalking orders” have not been accused of a crime, let alone convicted. And yet Giffords wants to see their rights violated with no due process.  Even now, a person can have their rights eliminated simply because someone else makes an unfounded accusation. Any attempt to refute the accusation, no matter how false, puts the accused in further jeopardy!

But Gifford’s handlers, and she by proxy, are actually waging a war on women and expediting violence against them.

Giffords is using her Bloomberg pay off to endanger the most vulnerable in our society. By pushing an expansion of the failed background check system to include transfers between friends and family members, Giffords is putting a bullseye on the back of every woman who fears for her safety from a real stalker or abuser.

The State Police’s own figures demonstrate that the majority of people who are denied a firearm are denied in error. So while encouraging women to seek “restraining orders” against abusers (which provide exactly zero protection) Giffords is working overtime to assure that women won’t be able to access the one thing that might actually protect them from harm.

The universal background checks Giffords is pushing are gun registration pure and simple. The ballot measure currently being promoted by her sugar daddy Bloomberg and other millionaires in Washington State will make criminals out of thousands of good people. And make no mistake, Oregon is next in line.

We will never compete with their bankrolls, but we have to be prepared to spread the truth in the face of their lies and distortions.

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